Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Last Post

This is my last post here. I hope. I have a new blog! The blogroll isn't quite done, and it is still kind of ugly, but you know you want to check it out. Go to the new And You Know What Else. You know you love me.


PS Update your links and your feedreader. And I'm even going to use the full feed for the new blog!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Can't Stand It, I Know You Planned It

On Friday night, H and I met Stefanie for dinner at Nye's. Nye's is a famous local restaurant and bar that H described as a fancy VFW that mobsters might go to. We sat in a cool curved booth with sparkly gold vinyl seats. We ate the best pierogi I have ever eaten in my entire life. {I haven't actually eaten much pierogi in my life, so my praise may not mean much, but oh my gosh, they were delicious.) Our salads and appetizers were accompanied by a relish tray containing pickles and pasta salad, which H and Stefanie had seen before, but I had never before seen pasta salad on a relish tray. Then we had our main dishes, which were also delicious. Finally, H ordered apple streudel or something (Stefanie, do you remember?) for dessert, and Stefanie and I each had one delicious bite. After dinner, we went into the bar where The World's Most Dangerous Polka Band performed. For really no reason at all, H announced multiple times that all lesbians like him, and then he proceeded to chat with the lesbian next to us who, it turns out, got her masters degree at the same school where H and I got our law degrees. In summary, Nye's = awesome.

On Saturday, it snowed. A lot. I stayed home all day. H rented the Futurama movie and the first disc of Season One of 30 Rock, so that kept us pretty busy.

On Sunday, after church, we watched the Vikings win. Then we went to H''s office for a little bit, and finally, we went over to a friend's house to play Rock Band. Rock Band is my new favorite game. I took turns playing the guitar and drums, and I even sang a couple of songs, including "Sabotage" by the Beastie Boys. I have discovered that rapping is not my true calling. I am lucky to have this lawyer thing to fall back on. I actually did well enough for the game, but I will leave the real rapping to others. What what. Boy-eeee.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

I Need A Sippy Cup

I am on my third shirt of the day. First, I spilled a few drops of Cranapple on my shirt. I was in the process of brewing coffee when I spilled the Cranapple so I thought about waiting to change in case I spilled coffee too. But then I thought, no, I won't spill twice in one day. I changed shirts, and then I poured about a quarter of a cup of coffee down my front. Nice. I'm in my last white t-shirt, so hopefully I can make it last the rest of the day.