Saturday, March 31, 2007

How Is Your Weekend Going?

New pictures of prom have been posted!

Participate in the March quadrant challenge by Monday (4/2) night, and you will be included in the results.

My blate (blog date) with Stefanie was really fun. We sat at the sushi bar, which is surrounded by a bar-level moat filled with wooden boats. The sushi chefs then put the sushi on the little boats, and as they float by, you take as much sushi as you want. We talked about blogs, why boys are stupid, and other random topics. After the sushi, we went to a random bar, where some drunk guy asked for permission to hit on us. We declined. I also gave Stefanie permission to borrow H when she needs a tall man, but I did impose certain limits on such borrowing.

Last night, I went to an awards banquet for the N double-A CP. I don't really want local people to google the event and find my blog, mostly because my participation in the event was somewhat work-related, thus my odd abbreviation for the organization. I didn't know anyone there, but before the dinner, I introduced myself to a random group of strangers and chatted. Then I sat at a table with people I didn't know and chatted some more. I am not known for my mingling abilities, so I was proud of myself for being outgoing. It was different for me to be one of only a few white people in attendance, and I was kind of self-conscious about it, but I got over it quickly. The event itself was really fun, and I sat about 5 feet away from Al Franken. There were tons of speakers, including the mayor of St. Paul, and some leaders of the N double-A CP. The speakers were really charismatic, and when they asked rhetorical questions, people shouted out answers. Even when the speakers didn't ask questions, people shouted out their agreement. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot about the organization. The main speaker was supposed to be Senator Obama, but he had to cancel at the last minute. The stand-in speaker was so good, that I didn't mind at all, although it would have been exciting to see Sen. Obama.

To continue my boring recap of the last few days, H and I completed all our tax paperwork this morning, and we only got into one fight, so that was an accomplishment. We only owe the government about $100, so I am pleased. Now the rest of the weekend will be spent working. Wooooooo.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Choose It or Lose It

More pictures have been posted for the prom photo challenge. I love love love everyone's pictures! It is a little scary that my prom pictures are out there on the internet, but it is too late. I shall embrace Prom -R- in all my sequins glory.

Tomorrow I am going on a blate (blog date) with Stefanie. We are going to eat some sushi off little tiny boats, and it shall be fantastic. Then on Friday night, I am going to a political dinner thing, so I am hoping that will be interesting. I don't know anyone else who is going, but I have decided to be brave and go on my own and enjoy myself. Anyway, the point of this is that I will be busy in the next few days, so I will take the opportunity now to post the next monthly installment of the quadrant game inspired by (stolen from) Hollow Squirrel. So here's how this works. I give you two choices, and you have to pick one. Then I will display the results in a beautiful quadrant, and if you have the same answers I do, you get to be my friend. You may also win a cool prize, if I can think of a cool prize to give away.

Please pick one choice from each of the following:

1. Britney Spears (in 2001) v. Christina Aguilera (in 2001)
2. Pretty in Pink v. Sixteen Candles

Happy choosing!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007



Last June, I reserved two hotel rooms for the weekend of my sister's graduation. She goes to vet school in a smallish town/city, so there are not many hotels, and they fill up quickly. I was so proud of myself for booking the rooms for my mom and myself. Tonight, I decided to confirm my reservations. I was again so proud of myself for being so responsible.


Did I make the reservations for the wrong city???? Did the hotel chain change my reservation on me???? Did the hotel where I originally made the reservations close????

So I called all of the hotels in my sister's town/city (I almost abbreviated that as "tity" but then thought better of it), and they are all booked.

My mom is going to be so pissed at me.


Before you ask, my sister does not have room for anyone to stay with her.

I called the company that owns both the hotel where I want to stay and the hotel where I apparently have reservations. I asked how the hell this happened. They said I must have booked the wrong hotel.


I am going to go try to go to sleep but instead just lie awake worrying about this. Good times.


Well, in good news, I booked a flight to Chicago for H and I to go have a Memorial Day weekend getaway with one of my best friends and her husband. But knowing me, I probably booked flights to Denver or flights to Chicago but for the wrong weekend. DAMN IT WHY AM I SUCH A DUMBASS.


To make myself feel better, I just bought these shoes in black patent leather. With the shipping of negative $5, they only cost 14.79! Wooooo!

Ok, it is sad that I feel sorry for myself. Poor me. I get to fly to another state to see my sister graduate, and then I am going to Chicago with my husband and one of my best friends, and I bought a new pair of shoes. Snap out of it, me!

And that is enough pathetic-ness for one blog entry. Go read one of my new links, like One Smart Cookie, or check out some awesome prom pictures.

Monday, March 26, 2007

I Think We Have Enough Movies Now, H

Let's say your mom came to visit and was leaving after you went to work on Monday. You came home from work to find that before your mom left, she mopped the entire first floor. Would you be insulted or just glad that some finally did it because now you don't have to? I am hypothetically going with the latter. And now I can hypothetically post the rest of the pictures that involve the first floor of my house!

I have updated the list of prom photo challenge participants. Check them out; they are all definitely worth seeing. If you would still like to participate, just leave a comment and let me know, and I will update the list.

There are lots of memes out there about books people have read and movies they have seen. I am going to do my own thing and list the movies that H and I own. The movies we own that I have actually seen, I will put in italics. For most people, this would be all of their movies, but for whatever reason, H buys tons of movies, and I don't watch them. Without further ado, I introduce our movie collection:

1. 28 Days Later
2. American History X
3. American Pie - I think they are still making sequels to this. Eugene Levy, it is ok to turn down a movie!
4, 5. Arrested Development, seasons 1 and 2
6, 7, 8. Austin Powers 1, 2, and 3 - I realize these are not the exact names of the movies, but I am lazy
9. Baseketball
10. Beavis and Butthead, vol. 1
11. The Ben Stiller Show - I have seen a lot of these episodes, but not every one, so I don't feel right italicizing this
12. The Big Lebowski
13. Billy Madison - Our movies are so classy!
14. Boogie Nights - I have seen most of this. My college roommate and I actually saw this in the theater. We thought it was going to be a comedy. Anyway, about 5 minutes before the movie was supposed to end, the film literally started on fire. Somehow it got stuck in the projector and burnt up. We got our money back, and to this day I haven't seen the end of the film.
15. Bowling for Columbine
16. Braveheart - I have mentioned this before, but I hate this movie.
17. The Bourne Identity
18. The Bourne Supremacy
19. Caddyshack - I didn't see this until maybe last year.
20. Casino Royale
21. Chasing Amy
22. Clerks
23. Clerks (the animated tv series) - H watched these almost every day for about a month, and I think I eventually saw every episode.
24, 25. The Chappelle Show
26. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
27. Daredevil
28. Die Another Day
29. Anchorman - I realize this is out of alphabetical order, but I don't really want to renumber everything.
30, 31, 32. Die Hard 1, 2, and 3
33. Dirty Work
34. Dogma
35. A Few Good Men
36. Fantastic 4
37, 38, 39. Family Guy, seasons 1-3
40. Fargo
41. Fletch - I may or may not have seen all of this. I'm not sure.
42. Fight Club
43. The 40-Year-Old Virgin - I think I would have liked this better had I not seen the first hour with my father-in-law. Awkward.
44. Futurama - We have a whole bunch of seasons, but I didn't write down which ones.
45. The Goonies
46. Happy Gilmore
47, 48. Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law, vol. 1 and 2 - You need to watch these. Steven Colbert does some of the voices.
49. Hulk
50. The Incredibles
51, 52. Kill Bill, 1 and 2
53. To Kill a Mockingbird - I didn't know we owned this! I want to see this. I cannot believe I am only on 53. OMG, H buys a lot of movies.
54. Kingpin - I was forced to watch this on a bus ride in high school.
55, 56. Jackass 1 and 2
57. Idiocracy
58. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
59, 60, 61. Lord of the Rings 1, 2, and 3 - I have only seen the first one.
62. Mallrats - filmed in the Twin Cities
63. Matrix 1, 2, and 3 - I have seen the third one twice, but neither of the other two.
64. Minority Report
65. Mr. Show
66. Pearl Jam: Single Video Theory - someone in our house has a crush on Eddie Vedder, and it's not me.
67. The Punisher
68. The Royal Tenenbaums - one of my favorite movies
69. Saving Private Ryan
70. Seven
71. Signs
72-79. The Simpsons, seasons 1-8 - I have seen a lot of these, but not all.
80. Singles
81. The Sixth Sense
82. The Sound of Music - The first movie on the list owned by me, not H!
83. South Park (the movie)
84, 85. Spiderman 1 and 2
86-91. Star Wars 1-6
92. Terminator 1 and 2
93. Tommy Boy
94. Seinfeld vol. 1
95. Top Secret
96. X Men 1, 2, 3
97. XXX - the movie with Vin Deisel, you pervs - I had no idea we owned this until tonight.
98. UHF
99-103. West Wing seasons 1-5 - My only other contributions to our movie collection.

So we have at least 45 DVDs that I have not seen. Whoa.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


[This post has been updated as of 3/27/07.]

Panic attack!

I challenged all of you to post a picture of yourself from your high school prom, and I was worried I wouldn't get home from work in time to write this post. Luckily, I got home at 9:20, but then I COULD NOT FIND A PICTURE OF MYSELF AT PROM. I looked through four different photo albums and a big plastic bin before I finally did find some pictures from my junior prom. Phew. I also found the most embarrassing photo of me EVER. Maybe some day I will be brave enough to post it, but that day is not today.

A side note: H insists that I never went to prom. We went to high school in different states and didn't meet until I was 22 and H was 23, but H insists that he knows I didn't go to prom. In fact, I went to both my junior and senior proms. These pictures will do nothing to prove to H that I actually went to prom. Just like he insists that Dr Pepper does not have caffeine and there is no such thing as Caffeine Free Dr Pepper. H is weird. I have no explanation.

Without further ado, a picture of me before the prom.

Nerdy, but not as embarrassing as I was afraid it might be.

[I have changed my mind. Every time I look at this picture, it gets worse. The glasses. The hair. OMG, why did my mom not insist that she help me with my makeup because I look like a freak! And I have no idea what shoes I wore, but I am sure they were bad. Oh, man.]

[PS Those are sequins on the top. I was very shiny. But I still have fond feelings for the dress.]

Here is a group picture:

Ok, never mind, we are all nerds. Especially my date and me. No offense to my date.

I am not sure why all these people are in the picture. My date (the guy farthest to the right) and I went to dinner with 3 other couples (red dress and her date, white top/black bottom and her date, and purple dress and her date), so I have no idea why those other 2 couples are in the picture.

Also, as I mentioned in the comments to my last post, I was the one who asked my date to prom. I called and invited him to the prom, and his response was, "I have to ask my parents. I'll call you back later." Oh, the rejection! But then he called me back later that day or the next day and said he would go with me. Oh, the acceptance!

Other brave souls who have accepted my challenge [now updated as of Thursday night, but I will continue to update as I find more people who have met the challenge]:
Sass Attack
Love Is Blonde
Hola Isabel
Stefanie Says [While there is no prom picture, Stefanie gets half-credit for a good story.]
Sunday Undies
Stephanie at Mama Drama
Jenny at Mama Drama
Face Down
Power Purl Girl
Grumpy Frump
Preppy Girl's Guide
Paisley Propaganda
Jurgen Nation
Nothing Heavy

I'm not sure why I refer to everyone by their blog name, but I do. And if I have left you off the list, it was inadvertent. Leave me a comment or send me an e-mail, and I will fix it.

But anyway... I think H is feeling a little left out, so here is a cute picture of him from the first wedding we went to together, about five years ago.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Are You Ready?

The challenge: Post a picture of yourself from your high school prom. Leave me a comment if you are up for it. My picture will be posted tonight.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Hodge Podge

Jay Are is doing a project for school on why women blog. If you would like to help her by participating in a short survey, you can click here.

I have a tiny notebook in which I write notes to myself about things I need to remember to do and ideas for blog entries. I am looking through the notebook right now to see if I can get inspired for a blog entry, and the first thing written in the notebook is "pointy head." Below this is a picture of a head that it really pointy on the top. What the heck is that about?

My mom and her boyfriend are coming to town this weekend for a visit. I am not sure what we are going to do to entertain them. I think I am going to make reservations for Sunday brunch at one of my favorite restaurants, and we may go to a Minnesota Wild game. But before any of this can occur, I must attempt to clean my house because my mom would have a heart attack if she saw the house in its current state. My mom and her boyfriend are both naturally clean and organized people, while H and I
are most definitely not. Our house isn't disgusting or anything, but my mom would be appalled if she could see the clean laundry still in baskets, waiting to be folded, in the *gasp* living room. So H and I will be busy over the next few days.

Speaking of moms, my friend Schneids is a new mom! Congratulations to Schneids and family! Please tell Baby Schneids that I will hopefully be done knitting his blanket before he starts kindergarten. I have seen pictures, and Baby Schneids is adorable and perfect!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I Am Too A Winner

Not a lot of new info tonight. I am up kind of late, but that is because we had dinner with friends at their condo in Minneapolis. I got to tell my banjo sex story, which was inspired by my friends' neighbors. Apparently their upstairs neighbors are swingers who enjoy Dave Matthews, and that is all I will say about that.

My neighbors, on the other hand, are freaks who yell at LDS missionaries and still have their Christmas decorations up despite the fact that the temperature has been in the 50s, all the snow has melted, and IT IS AFTER ST PATRICK'S DAY. The Holiday House has its Easter decorations up, and yet my neighbors still think it is Christmas.

Would you like to hear about the time I think I was invited to participate in a threesome, or possibly a foursome? Ok, I will tell you. In college, one of my best friends had a lot of classes with a girl we shall call Meather. Meather was a little weird. Meather invited my friend over to her apartment one day, and my friend asked me to go with her since I live in the same apartment complex as Meather. So we went to Meather's apartment, and Meather said, "Come on in! My boyfriend is in the bedroom." So Meather, my friend, and I hung out in the living room, and as I was about to sit on the papasan chair, Meather said, "That chair is a really comfortable place to do it." So then I sat on the couch.

"Come on into the bedroom," Meather said. I looked at my friend, who gave me a scared look, and we entered the bedroom. Meather's boyfriend was in the bed, under the covers. Meather said, "We just had sex and were about to watch Eyes Wide Shut. Y'all should watch with us."

"Oh," I said, "I would love to, but I really have to go right this second."

"Me too," said my friend.

Meather tried to convince us to stay, but we basically sprinted out of the apartment.

Really, I don't know why you needed to know that, and yet, I am sharing it with you.

In more recent news, I am a winner on two counts. First of all, Laura won a free ticket on Blingo, which means I won a free movie ticket too! Aw yeah.

Secondly, Jenny, who is a hilarious blogger, gave me an award. Despite the fact that I have not been blogging much and my last post (and this one too!) totally sucked. She is so sweet.

I am hoping that I will have more time to blog this week, so stay tuned. I may also have to go back through old post and close the comments on them because I am getting spam, so if you see that I have updated 50 times, you will know what is going on. I am not that prolific.


Saturday, March 17, 2007

All Over the Place

I am back from the land of all work, all the time. Kind of. Hopefully.

I bought two new cute shirts and a cute pair of pants at Ann Taylor Loft, so I am feeling kind of fashionable and also bargain-hunty, as I got everything on sale. I think my next purchase is going to be a pair of patent leather shoes. The question is what color I should get. I would also like to get a new jacket I can wear to work. Why do you care? Sorry, I have forgotten how to blog!

Oh, in shoe-related stories, I told H on Friday that a girl at the bus stop had complimented my shoes. H's response: "And then she saw that you were distracted and stole your wallet?"

Both my teams are out of the NCAA tournament. I am sad. But H and I watched his home town win the state championship today, so that was fun. H went to the quarterfinal game with his mom, but we have just been too busy for either of us to go to the other games. H said the game was fun because the whole town (and a lot of alumni) showed up to support the team. Sometimes I think growing up in a really small town would have been fun.

Another H story: I was trying to find the Xavier/Ohio State game on the radio today. It wasn't on the station I thought it would be on (1130 AM), so I started flipping around the AM dial. H said, "It's on 1130!" I told him it wasn't, but he got annoyed and insisted he was right. Then he switched it to 1130, which was not playing any sort of basketball game.

"You are so condescending and so wrong!" I said.

H said, "You think I'm condescending? I'm surprised you picked up on that." I laughed, and H proceeded to laugh for about 5 minutes more because he cracks himself up.

Finally, in H related stories, he got his yellow belt in jiu jitsu today, and I am very proud of him. Getting your yellow belt means you get to start learning submission holds, and I am sure that he will want to practice them on me. Seeing that he can bench press 315 pounds, and I weigh considerably less than that, I am a little concerned about what these submission holds will entail. But I am still proud.

Ok, I need to practice my blogging because this entry sucks. Also, it sounds like H is mean to me all the time and possibly beats me up. But he is not and does not.

Finally, I would like to share with you some of the lamer e-mail address from some of the people that were in my high school graduating class: - Maybe this person has a baby that they named BJ? Or maybe this person is just a weirdo? - Did someone else already have the e-mail address "name_xtc"? I seriously wonder if this is the e-mail address of the guy who used to deal drugs in high school. But I am not going to e-mail him and write, "Hey, are you the drug dealer from the class of 97? And if so, do you really want to be advertising that in your e-mail address?" - OMG! Do you stay out late? YOU ARE SO COOL. - Ok, so that's not bad, but I cannot figure out who in my class could now either be a youth pastor or just have very strong feelings about youth pastors.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Lest you think I actually am trapped in my closet, let me reassure you that I am not. I am actually trapped in my office. Not really much better, but at least the office has running water and Diet Dr Pepper. My life shall probably be like this all week, but that happens very rarely for me, so I am just going to think of it as a good way to build up extra billable hours, which will hypothetically permit me to take a vacation this summer. And I can work from home at night, so I actually got home at a decent time and got to spend about 30 minutes with H and have a "homemade meal", which was nice. The homemade meal was vegetarian corndogs, but still.

So recently I had a way-too-long conversation with the main floor receptionist at my office. I went to her desk to pick up a contract that had just been delivered for me. I told the receptionist, "Hi, I'm -R-, and I need to pick up an envelope that was just delivered."

The receptionist started freaking out because she couldn't find it in the first .1 seconds after I asked. Then when she found it (it only took about 10 seconds, but she was panicking at that point), she asked who I was.

"I'm -R-," I said.

She argued with me. Then she proceeded to look up my picture on the company website and tell me I look nothing like my picture. I offered to show her my i.d. and asked if I could have my envelope. She would not give me the envelope until she had finished telling me every detail that was different between Actual -R- and the Picture of -R-. In case you are wondering, in the picture: I have longer hair, am not wearing glasses, am facing at a different angle, am wearing a different outfit, have different earrings in, and my nose looks different. I pretended to be interested in each discrepancy, when really I was just thinking, "AAAAAAAAARGH." But I am not a pirate and am in fact a nice person, so I thanked her and then ran away.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Insert Trapped in the Closet or Coming Out of the Closet Joke Here

Lawyerish and Jay Are asked to see pictures of my closet. Voila!

The closet also includes a mirror and tie tying instructions. The closet is quite large. I love it! Not really much else to say about the closet.

I still have 3 photo requests to fulfill. Don't worry, my pretties! I have not forgotten about you!

So in happy and totally unrelated news, my sister got an amazing job! In Raleigh, North Carolina. Does anyone know anything about Raleigh? No one I know (including my sister) has ever been there. Any advice would be helpful.

In blog news, thanks for all your thoughtful comments on my last post. And on every post. Yay, blog people!

Are you ever unintentionally funny? It is kind of awkward when you are not trying to be funny and yet the person you are talking to starts laughing. A lot. This happens to me all the time. At work. Not that I'm telling stories about my dog dying and everyone is laughing hysterically. Just things like I will go off on a tangent about all the people I need to have lunch dates with in March and then say, "And now you know all my lunch plans for the month of March," and my coworker will think this is hilarious, when I think I am not being funny, just dorky. Oh well.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Best Friends

Tonight I finished reading The Myth of You and Me by Leah Stewart. It is the story of two best friends who end up not speaking for eight years. The book was really good, and it reminded me of my best friend from college. I know that I have mentioned her before, but I don't think I have really written about her.

She was the person I was closest to for four years. We went through everything together. She knew almost everything that happened to me during those four years, down to the most boring detail. I knew about all her classes and professors, her crushes, her random acquaintances. We weren't inseparable, but we were together a lot. We had so many inside jokes and stories that no one else shares or really understands.

I saw the way she treated her best friend from high school. I could tell that my friend still really loved her high school best friend, but she was not good about returning phone calls or e-mail. There were a lot of things that she kept hidden from her high school best friend because she told me she felt like the high school best friend had a certain image of her that she had to keep intact.

When I was moving out of our apartment on the last day of July after our senior year of college, my friend reminded me that she wasn't good at keeping in touch with people. "You're going to have to be the one who always calls and keeps in touch," she said. I was ok with that.

I went to law school, and she did a one-year volunteer gig on the East Coast. I called every once in a while, and she wrote me a couple of letters, and it was fine. During my second year of law school, she got harder and harder to reach. During the fall semester, I called her every week for ten weeks and left a message, and she didn't return my call until New Years Day. She called on a cell phone, and we talked for maybe five minutes before she had to go. I didn't try very hard to keep in touch after that. I called her about a week after I got engaged and left a message with the news, mostly because I felt like I should call her, not because I wanted to call her. She called to congratulate me, but I didn't answer the phone. A few months before the wedding, I tried to give her a call, but the phone number I had for her had been disconnected. I sent her a wedding invitation anyway (mostly because I had already sent her a save the date card announcing our engagement and the wedding date). She didn't send in her RSVP, although she did send me an e-mail a week or two before the wedding. The e-mail said that she wanted to come to the wedding, but she was going to the beach with some guy instead. I sent her a very bland thank you note for the gift she sent, as though I were writing to an aunt of H that I had never met instead of someone who had once meant so much to me. I am guessing that thank you note will be my last contact with her.

I think one of the reasons my friend and I fell out of touch was that my friend felt like she needed to "keep up her image" with me. The thing is that if she thinks I would judge her for changing or for making choices that aren't necessarily the same ones I would have made, then I am sorry that she thinks so little of me and my ability to be a good friend.

At this point, I don't want to get in touch with my friend again. If you change your phone number without telling me and don't come to my wedding because you feel like going to the beach, are we really even friends? But every once in a while, something will happen that will remind me of one of our stupid inside jokes, and it makes me sad that no one else understands what is funny about some guy nodding at me when we pass on the sidewalk.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Our House

Don't worry. I don't have too many picture requests left. I should be able to finish them this week, and then I will have to start posting things of actual substance again. Kind of.

Liz asked to see the view from my front window or door. Here it is:

Notice how my neighbors still have some evergreen garland stuff and their freaking Christmas wreath up? And this picture was taken in March? It is driving me CRAZY.

And here is my front door, in case you want to stalk me. Please note the lack of Christmas decorations BECAUSE IT IS MARCH.

We live pretty close to the middle of nowhere. Not really, as we are in close proximity to multiple SuperTargets, but our town is barely a suburb. I took some pictures today on our way home from one of the SuperTargets. In case you are wondering, H is eating a piece of string cheese while driving in this first picture. And neither of his hands is on the wheel. Scary!

H and I constantly debate the merits of living in the city versus living so far out. It is nice to have a big yard and a relatively big house. When we go out, we never have to worry about on-street parking or traffic or crime. But it takes a long time to get to work, and we are surrounded by families (as opposed to childless people our age). We are jealous of our friends with cool condos in the cities, but after we had a townhouse next to the Domestic Violence Neighbors, we were ready for a house. We like where we are for now, but I think in a few years we will move closer to the cities. Then we will be the only family surrounded by younger childless people because we are backwards like that.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Show Me That Smile Again

Here it is, your moment of zen.

This chart shows the results of this very important quiz.

You can see that I am in the minority on this one. The most popular answers, with 11 votes, were Alex P. Keaton and N Sync. In second place, with 9 votes, were Alex P. Keaton and Backstreet Boys. (Really, people? The Backstreet Boys?) In third place, with 5 totally awesome votes, were Mike Seaver and N Sync. And finally, there is Jay Are. Well, not really finally because I had to create a special square that crossed the X axis since 3 of you could not choose a boy band or chose one that was not on the list.

So the only correct responses were by Janet, Christine, Jenni, and Laura B. You are my new best friends! Also, at least two of you are blonde, and two of you are lawyers. I am not sure what that means.

I enjoyed all the discussion of why you chose the people you did. H chose Alex P. Keaton and N Sync. He chose N Sync because he liked the group member who had hair like a pineapple. We debated APK and Mike for a while, and I can see both sides of the argument. I do prefer Michael J. Fox to Kirk Cameron, but when these shows came out, I had a bigger crush on Mike Seaver. Also, he had a friend named Boner, which I didn't realize was weird for a looong time. Mike Seaver was a goofy, cool guy with a heart of gold, and thus, he was my choice. As for the boy bands, I chose N Sync not just for the pineapple-haired guy. My roommate in college had one of their cds, and it had a song on it called "Digital Getdown." This was a song about cybersex. I kid you not. Did the Backstreet Boys have any songs about cybersex? No, they did not. Advantage: N Sync.

Liz gets some extra points for referring to O-Town in her comment. Oh, Jacob, Ashley Angel, and other guys, where are you now? I remember when you signed your cds at the Wal-Mart in Katy, Texas, and I thought that was kind of a random location. (I did not attend the event, in case you were wondering.)

I leave you with a picture taken today that will hopefully help erase your memory of my picture with those Peeps.