Monday, February 13, 2006

A Valentine's Day Celebration (early)

I don't celebrate Valentine's Day. I always hated it when I was single, and I never thought it was fair to start liking it once I met H. Actually, we tried to celebrate our first V Day together (4 years ago), but we ended up fighting after I created a giant, gooey, sticky clump of spaghetti that was supposed to be our dinner. So anyway, we don't exchange presents or go out for dinner, but I do want to make sure H knows how much I love him.

Things I Love About H

1. His smile
2. The twinkle in his eyes
3. The jokes he makes that only I think are funny
4. His intelligence
5. His kind heart
6. The way he helped that woman at Ikea who could not get her shopping cart over the curb - his kindness made her cry (tears of relief and happiness)
7. His willingness to help anyone at any time
8. How he runs to the door to hug me every night when I get home from work
9. The ways he has changed and grown since I have met him
10. His need for my approval after he gets a haircut
11. His dedication to his friends
12. The cute dances he does around the house
13. His attempts to sing, despite the fact that he is tone deaf
14. The way he plays with our nieces and nephews
15. His devotion to his family
16. How he helps to make me a better person
17. His spirit
18. How he always tries to get me to laugh
19. He puts up with my silliness
20. He joins in my silliness
21. He lets me sleep in on Saturdays
22. His decision to go to church with me, even though we don't have the same beliefs in some ways
23. How he tries to find out what all his presents are before his birthday or Christmas
24. The way he respects me
25. His exuberance
26. His willingness to watch the occasional girly movie (Thirteen Going on Thirty, anyone?)
27. The millions of sweet things he does that he would be embarrassed about if I wrote about them on the internet
28. The way he loves me

Read this post by H and then try to tell me that he is not the best husband there is.

Edited 2/14: I forgot to mention his muscles. I love his muscles!


puremood said...

That's sweet and a great list, too.

I don't go all out on V-Day either. My husband and I both agree on that. He will still bring me flowers or something but not at the cost most do. I usually make him a handmade/handwritten card. No special V-Day plans tho.

Carol said...

I read both of your posts. Now those are real Valentine's presents. Congratulations on finding each other!