Thursday, March 30, 2006

Memories from Childhood

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things

1. My dad throwing my sister and I in the air in the swimming pool, each of us trying to do silly poses in mid-air
2. My sister hiding our new puppy in different drawers and cupboards in the kitchen, then running to find my mom and ask, "Where's the puppy?" [My sister was only 3, and the dog was always found quickly! Also, I think this only happened a few times.]
3. Going to the Nutcracker every year with my mom
4. Taking a family trip to Palm Springs and eating strawberries the size of apples
5. My sister being afraid to hike on a mountain because she was afraid she would fall off the mountain somehow
6. My "best friend" in the first grade tricking me into flipping people off because I didn't know it was bad [Her trick was telling me that she couldn't raise her middle finger separately from her other fingers and asking me if I could do it.]
7. Watching the Macy's Day Parade march by on the street below while we watched from our hotel window
8. Singing along in the car to my mom's two cassette tapes: Kenny Rogers and Billy Joel
9. Watching salt water taffy being made every summer in York Beach, Maine
10. Staying in the ocean in Maine until my lips turned blue and my parents made me get out
11. My grandmother teaching me to play the card game War
12. Performing a gymnastics routine in first or second grade to the 80s version of "Lean on Me"
13. Getting to go to the used book store to buy new Bobbsey Twin books

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TNChick said...

Aren't memories wonderful. I love holding many happy memories in my mind. :)

eph2810 said...

You brought with your post some childhood memories back to me. My sis and I always fought on the long trip we took. We always 'touched' each other and kept complaining to our parents :). But my favorite memory is the Sunday walks in the park with our parents and a game of minature golf.
Thank you for sharing your memories.

Carol said...

#4 Mmmm.
#5 I can relate to your sister with my fear of heights.
Was #7 an annual event?
#8 I still have Billy Joel albums!
#13 I preferred Nancy Drew!

-R- said...

Tnchick, it was fun to think of some happy memories I haven't thought of in a while.

Eph, my sister liked to play the game where she would almost touch me during long trips, by keeping her finger half a centimeter from my nose, and then say, "I'm not touching you!" Isn't it nice how the little things like walks and mini-golf are the things you remember.

Carol, We just went to the Macy's Day Parade once, but it was fun. I still have Billy Joel albums too!