Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Thirteen Things

I like to do these thirteen things posts on Thursdays (aka Wednesday nights), but I am having a hard time thinking of a topic this week. H is nearly passed out on the couch because his back was hurting, so he took some of his pain medication before I got home. We have been having conversations such as this:

H: R.....
Me: Can I get something for you?
H: What?
Me: Can I get something for you?
H: Yes.
Me: Ok, what can I get?
H: Get what?
Me: Can I get something for you? Do you want the heating pad or an ice pack?
H: Yes.
Me: Which do you want?
H: What?
Me: Do you want the heating pad?
H: No.
Me: Do you want the ice pack?
H: No.
Me: Ok. I'm glad we had this chat.

Seriously, we have had this conversation (or close to it) at least 5 times, and I have only been home for 45 minutes.

So, anyway, thirteen things... umm... Shoot, H is trying to climb the stairs, and it is not going well. I'll be back.

Ok. He is safe in bed.

Thirteen Things I Liked About College:

1. Everyone I knew was about the same age as me.
2. The professor with whom I worked on my thesis was (and still is) an amazing teacher and person.
3. Most of the professors actually cared about the students.
4. There was no pressure to bill any certain number of hours.
4.5. I did not even know what billable hours were.
5. I could take naps sometimes.
6. It never got cold enough to snow where I went to college.
7. Going out on Thursdays was not just acceptable but frequently expected.
8. I thought I was really cool and mature, which was a fun way to feel. I was neither cool nor mature in all actuality, but that is ok.
9. Studying abroad. My summer in Ireland was one of most fun experiences I have ever had.
10. Learning.
11. Taking classes just because the topic was interesting to me.
12. Gathering to watch "Party of Five" every week. (Nerd!)
13. Trying new things.

Sorry so sappy!


-R- said...

Man, this makes me look like the worst wife ever PLUS added bonus of lamest thirteen things ever. From now on, no more blogging while trying to take care of a drugged-up husband. (Hopefully, this situation will not arise again, so this should not be a problem. Great, now I make H look like a druggie on top of everything else!)

Carmen said...

I liked how, in college, the day started at 11 (if you could schedule classes right) and ended around 1 a.m. And weekends started on Thursday.

Anne said...

why is Thursday the college going out night? I went out to those things way after I said adios to college..which I realize is a little bit pathetic!

I just watched season one Party of Five on dvd. It isnt as good as I remembered it being..and that just makes me sad. But Im sure I will watch Season 2!

-R- said...

Carmen, I don't think my hours were quite that good, but they were pretty nice!

Anne, it is ok to have fun and go out on Thursdays no matter how old you are. I was guessing Party of 5 wouldn't hold up that well, but I have to love it for sentimental reasons. Glad I'm not the only one.

Guinness_Girl said...

First, I just have to say men are total, total babies. I'm really low in the sympathy department when Wilman gets "sick" - so it sounds like you are indeed a very good wife.

Now, I must get nosy. Where did you go to college? And where/when did you study abroad in Ireland? I did, too, but when I was in law school (at Trinity College Dublin - loved loved loved it). And when did Party of Five become nerdy??? (Damn. Turns out I've been a nerd all this time without knowing it...)