Tuesday, May 02, 2006

This One Ends With A Broken Window

I was stressed out today. I shouldn't be. I am going to Las Vegas this weekend with my friend who is getting married over Memorial Day weekend. The travelers are my friend, the two other bridesmaids, my friend's friend from work, and me. They are all paying for their plane tickets with frequent flyer miles, while I am paying with good ol' cash (actually, credit, but whatever). They want to go to a spa and get expensive treatments; I agreed to the most expensive pedicure ever. They want to have a super swanky dinner; why not - how often do I treat myself to an expensive dinner. They want to go to clubs; sounds like fun. And today they announced they want to go to a show; I freaked out. This is turning into an $800 weekend, and I don't have $800. Plus, I will have to fly to the wedding, while the others live much, much closer and will be driving. I have been stressed about money lately anyway, and when I tried to figure out whether I could go to the show or not, I started crying because I couldn't figure out how to tell my friend that I couldn't afford all this. It is not such a big deal, and I am ok now, but I cried. At work. Awesome. There was no sobbing or anything, just a few silent tears, and then I got over it. No one saw, thank goodness. I am looking forward to seeing my friend and to going to Las Vegas for the first time. And I don't think the things my friend wants to do are out of hand. I am just stressed. But I will have fun!

So after the crying, I did my work but just kind of felt weird all day. Then the bus dropped me off at the bus station, and I walked to my car to discover that the driver's side rear window has been smashed. Oh joy. I called H. Ten times. He never answered. There was still some glass in my window, but I didn't want to push it all into my car or onto the street, so I just started driving. And the remaining glass sprayed everywhere, and I am lucky I didn't hit anyone with it. I called the police station, and they told me that I couldn't report this by phone; I had to bring my car to the police station. And then it started raining.

Enough of the pity party. Again, it is not a big deal. H and I have money in savings that I can use to pay for most of the Las Vegas activities and the car window. Nothing was stolen from my car. (Nothing was in my car.) But what a hassle. Aargh.

So the bigger issue: I am traveling to Las Vegas with four Texas women, and I have no Aquanet and no cowboy (cowgirl?) boots. Whatever am I to do?! Also, I have no slutty clothes! Are they even going to let me into Las Vegas?


Guinness_Girl said...

How horrible! Sounds like one of the worst days ever.

(1) Vegas. My sister had her bachelorette party there, and it was pretty fun...but I had the same money issues you do (and thank god nobody wanted to go to a show on that trip!). I hate worrying about money!!! As for the clothes - I was worried about mine, too, and it turned out to have been unnecessary. Remind yourself: Vegas is full of tourists. Tourists come in all shapes and sizes and styles. No matter what you have on, there will be someone around you who is wearing something more inappropriate.

As for the crying at work...ugh. That's the worst, and I have no control over it when it happens to me!

The windsheild - how awful!! I wish I could have taken you out for a gazillion drinks at the end of your day, because it sounds like you needed it!

-R- said...

Thanks, GG! Hopefully I will make up for the lack of drinks last night with plenty of drinks this weekend. And thanks for the fashion advice. I have been reading The Devil Wears Prada, so I think I am hypersensitive my lack of fashion right now.

Stephen said...

I've been there, the money issue that is (not Vegas... haven't been there since I was 18). What wast o have been a simple weekend with my folks wound up costing me as much as your vegas trip estimate. And it was just Des Moines! We had some savings, but geez... that's for like, a kid or something, not dinner and a show. Anyway, I'm not extravagant so I have trouble getting my mind set on spending so much.

-R- said...

Stephen, what is there to do in Des Moines that costs so much?! I have been on "vacation" to Ames (if visiting your grandmother is a vacation), but the big city of Des Moines must be much more expensive! =)