Monday, May 29, 2006

You're My Best Friend, and I Love You*

I just got back from Texas (four hours late... darn you, Continental Airlines and your decision to cancel my flight and to rebook me on a flight that leaves at 11:30 am TOMORROW without asking me). We had so much fun. The bride looked GORGEOUS, the wedding was very sweet, the reception was a great party, my speech went well (despite my crying during it), our sidetrip to Austin to see H's sister was really fun, and I really just enjoyed seeing my friend and celebrating her new marriage.

I am really nostalgic right now for college and kind of wishing I lived in Dallas just so I could see my friend all the time and hang out with her amazing friends. I, for really the first time, understand why some people live in the same area all their lives- so that they don't have to miss their best friends all the time.



don't call me MA'AM said...

So, how did the speech go? what did you say??? Did any of the "words that shall not be uttered" accidentally slip?

Sarah said...

Good use of tears...even though they probably weren't planned. My best friend/maid of honor cried so I got teary. It was a great "wedding moment."

-R- said...

DCMM, the speech went really well. I did not use any of the prohibited words, thank goodness. I almost said STD, but I was able to stop myself. My speech went like this: how I know the bride, cute/funny story about the couple together, I love you both, cheers!

Sarah, the tears were not planned, but I knew they were coming. I almost cried when we were taking pictures together before the wedding, so there was no way I could have made it through the speech tear-free.