Saturday, July 29, 2006


My mom and her boyfriend/significant other/gentleman friend have now tried Guitar Hero. My mom rocks hard.


don't call me MA'AM said...

Any specific tune she prefers?

stefanie said...

I have no idea what this Guitar Hero business is all about, but clearly it must be an addictive good time.

And look at your fancy new look... Pretty! :-)

Guinness_Girl said...

Whoa! Look at you with the new look! I love it! One of these days, I will stop talking about doing it and actually, um, DO it.

I'm with Stefanie - very curious about this Guitar Hero stuff!

princess slea said...

We played Karaoke Revolution and my mom sang, she was actually pretty good. My husband had to eat crow because he makes fun of her all the time.
Nice new page here.

Yez said...

Ooh, a lovely fresh new look! (But I half expect the periscope and the baby-sun, not that Teletubbies are a bad thing....)

DH and I must find someone with Playstation 2 (one of DD's friends?) and, hopefully, someone who can lend us Guitar Hero :>

-R- said...

Ma'am, she enjoys "I Love Rock and Roll." Who doesn't?

Stefanie, it is definitely addictive! Thanks for the compliment.

GG, thanks! I was tired of the dots. Plus, I feel like this background is more work-friendly (i.e., looks less like a blog so I can pretend to be doing work).

PD, how does Karaoke Rev work? Do you need to actually be able to carry a tune?

Yez, I never thought of the teletubbies, but I see it now! Oh well! You and Jef must test out Guitar Hero!

schneids said...

I would die...if i ever saw my mom rock out. Literally die.

PreppyGirl said...

OMG Yez, you're totally right about the teletubbies. LOL!

I have to try this guitar hero. Hmmmm.

Time for tubby bye bye, time for tubby bye bye...

Stinkypaw said...

Love the new look! Just can't imagine my mother and her beau rocking the night away... just can't! 8-0

princess slea said...

R~ to play Karaoke Revolution you get sing into the microphone (or fancy head set) and the words scroll across the bottom of the screen. As the words are scrolling you see an arrow and a line. The line is the tune and the arrow is telling you if you are too high, too low or right on. Obviously if you are right on you score points. 50,000 pts is perfect and a platinum record.
You chose your character (which that is almost as fun as singing) and then they earn records for you to unlock secrets (like new costumes, new characters, zombie audience, etc.)
In the newest version you can attach your Dance Dance Revolution pad and sing and dance and get judged!

-R- said...

Schneids, you never know- your mother might love it!

Preppy, do not freak me out about the teletubbies!

Spaw, thanks. You should try the game.

PD, that sounds like fun! I think H would get tired of me singing to the tv pretty quickly though.