Monday, July 17, 2006

The Heart of Rock & Roll

(is still beating) I think from now on I am going to give all my posts titles of songs from Huey Lewis & The News. And by "from now on" I mean until I get tired of it, which will probably be tomorrow.


My friend completed her first triathlon this weekend! Not only was she in the top half of her age group, she was in the top half of all participants! I am so impressed! You have to train so hard for such a long period of time to be able to complete a triathlon- just completing all that training would impress me. Anyway, I am proud of her and glad she had so much fun doing it!


You know how some blogs have interesting stories? I should try that some time.


H had never seen The Sound of Music until this weekend. I have actually owned the DVD for several years because it is my favorite movie and my sister gave it to me as a gift. I had a very bad week last week. So bad that several of the partners I work with and a couple of assistants on my floor asked me several times if I was doing ok, and H told me, and I quote, "You look like hell." Thanks, honey! Anyway, I was just really stressed out. H was concerned when on Thursday I was yelling about EVERYTHING and almost crying. On Friday night, he brought Chinese food home and told me that he wanted to watch The Sound of Music with me. I was annoyed that he thought one movie would make me feel better. But then we watched it, and by the time Maria was leaving the convent to go to the Von Trapps house, I was feeling 10 times better. During "My Favorite Things" and "Do-Re-Mi," H exclaimed, "That song is from this movie?!" Oh, H, I am so glad that I could educate you in the ways of The Sound of Music. He didn't even know it was based on a true story!

The two most hilarious parts of The Sound of Music:
1. After Liesl and Rolf sing "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" and they kiss, Liesl comes out of the gazebo and screams like a banshee. It is so scary that it makes me crack up.

2. At Maria's wedding, she walks down the aisle to the song, "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria." Why didn't she just walk down the aisle to the nuns yelling, "You suck!" "Good luck, Captain Von Trapp. That beeyotch is crazy!"


-R- said...

H just yelled, "Press any button to rock!" I think that means it is time for Guitar Hero! Yez, I will e-mail you an explanation of the game. =)

PS Guess what my band's name is in Guitar Hero? Julie.Andrews.

Yez said...

LOL! Kewl, thanks :-) And ROCK ON!

jonniker said...

I LOOOVE the Sound of Music! I've seen it live more times than I'd like to admit (including random high school productions I've dragged Adam to).

Sarah said...

I heart the Sound of Music! I can't wait to have children that I can train to march to a whistle. Awesome!

schneids said...

LOL at Maria walking down the aisle. I never thought of it that way. The nuns yelling "you suck" made me laugh out loud.

and thanks....;-)

Stinkypaw said...

I just can't believe that H had never seen the Sound of Music. For real? A classic like that? Where has he been hidding all those years?

After watching it, what did he think of it?

PreppyGirl said...

Edelweiss, Edelweiss... I love that movie. Perhaps you should make H some lederhosen from your old curtains (since it's so hard to find his size in the store and all...) Whip some up for Galoot too. Size XXL.

-R- said...

Yez, the e-mail is coming. I swear!

Jonniker, I was IN my high school's production of The Sound of Music. A dream come true!

Sarah, marching kids who respond to whistles would be AWESOME.

Schneids, no prob. That is such a mean song for her wedding! I don't get it!

Stinkypaw, I KNOW. He liked it. It's not his new favorite movie or anything, but he did enjoy it.

Preppy, H wearing liederhosen was actually discussed. If I make any, I will send a pair to Galoot!

stefanie said...

I love item number 3 in this post. I feel that way terribly often myself. Except this week I haven't even had time to post any UNinteresting stories. Too much going on, and even if much of it is supposedly fun social stuff, it's still stressing me out.

As for #1 in your Sound of Music comments--that part's always been totally absurd to me, too. It's not so much a banshee scream as just a huge and enthusiastic "Wheeeeeeeee!" Still, very odd. I'm glad I've never said "Wheeee" when someone kissed me. ;-)

-R- said...

Stefanie, maybe you just haven't had the right person kiss you yet! Not that Rolf is the right person. Nazis who turn in your whole family are not the right people.

Guinness_Girl said...

Damn, Stefanie stole my comment. Okay, not "stole" so much as "got to it first," but you get the point. WHEEEEEEEEEE!