Monday, July 24, 2006

I Wanna New Drug

(And by "I" I mean the plant pictured at the end of this post.)

The Guitar Hero/Poker Party: A bunch of H's coworkers showed up. Everyone brought lots of beer. The coworkers were really fun and all seemed to enjoy themselves. People + beer + enjoyment + cards and Guitar Hero = fabulous party.

Because my mom is coming to visit on Wednesday, our fridge looks like this:

Hi, Mom! Want a lime? I hope so, because that's the only actual food we have.

At least our giant bottle of margarita mix broke, or my mom would be taking H and I straight to A.A.

Yes, my mother is coming to town. She and her (long-time) boyfriend are coming here for the boyfriend's family reunion, and they are finally going to see our house. I know this is quite shocking that a parent would give advance notice that she would like to visit (and even make plans months in advance!) but that is how my mom rolls. So the mom and the boyfriend shall be staying in the guest room for six nights. Yikes! They have full-day plans almost every day because of the reunion, so H should be able to survive. I am taking my mom to her favorite store EVER, Ikea, and we are going to a Twins game, so that should keep everyone busy and entertained.

In a completely unrelated story, do any of you know anything about gardening? Our yard has some really nice landscaping, but H noticed this while mowing the lawn a month or so ago:

Ew. What is that white stuff?

Here it is from a distance.

What the bush is supposed to look like. (These bushes are right next to the odd one.

In true H and -R- style, we have done nothing about the weird mold stuff. Hello??? McFly??? I know. I know. We should do something. But now I am asking you about it , so I feel like this counts for something. Maybe.


don't call me MA'AM said...

I don't know much about gardening, but I'd say you probably need to prune that bush down to it's 'beginnings' and get rid of all that dead and moldy stuff.

Mmmm... lime.

Sarah said...

Mold freaks me out. I'd forget the mold and just go have another beer.

Stinkypaw said...

Don't know much, nor do I care to know much about gardening, but that doesn't really look right - trim it - cut the yucky stuff off. If you haven't, read this post of mine (

Good luck with the mom and boyfriend. My mom and her beau hardly stay long enough to eat, so I can not imagine them staying for 6 nights. Granted they live 1 hour away, but still... they always seem eager to leave... and that's cool to! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Could the white stuff be skunk spray? Or is that just me being clueless? That's what it kind of looked like to me.

jonniker said...

Oops. Anonymous was me. It didn't offer me the option to put up an identity that time!

stefanie said...

Having food in the fridge is entirely overrated. That's what I tell myself (and my friends who mock my own fridge) anyway.

Yikes; SIX DAYS with your mom? You are a stronger woman than I. Good luck and have fun.

By the way, I think we need a different word to use in place of boyfriend/girlfriend once the subject is beyond a certain age. Doesn't it just sound silly to refer to someone over 40 as a boyfriend? (I am assuming your mother's boyfriend is over 40; my apologies if that assumption is not correct.)

-R- said...

Ma'am, I agree, but I just don't want to do it. PS Lime is good.

Sarah, that is what I have been doing so far, and it is working well for me, but not so much for the plant.

Spaw, my mom lives 6 hours away, so a quick trip would be kind of a pain. I read and enjoyed your gardening post. It sounds like you are actually quite a gardener.

Jonniker, I don't think so, and we never smelled anything, but I will check it out.

Stefanie, I was going to do this whole digression about calling a 60 year old guy a "boyfriend," but I decided just to go with it. "Paramour" seems freaky, and "significant other" seems too formal.

PreppyGirl said...

That bush does not look good. I am hardly one to give gardening advice as our yard is a mess right now. I suspect the older lady who used to live here and had it landscaped to the hilt is turning over in her grave right now.

Trim it back while drinking a corona with lime. Then make like a tree... and get outta here!

Guinness_Girl said...

R and Stefanie - my friend's grandfather has a "lady friend," not a "girlfriend". I like that.

I love the fridge shot here! Can I come to YOUR house?