Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Pretty Soon I'll Be Calling Everyone "Sonny" and Playing Canasta All Day

Thirteen Ways I Know I Am An Old Lady

1. I am happy when it rains because, "The lawn really needs a good rain."

2. I can make kids behave by giving them a stern look.

3. I have no idea what music is cool. (To be honest, that has always been the case.)

4. I have held the title "matron of honor." Matron! Eh.

5. I think MySpace is annoying and can't believe so many people use it. Also, the pictures some teens have on there freak me out. I know about the pictures from watching Dateline. Seriously, why does Dateline do a story on that every week? Move on, Dateline.

6. I write about Dateline on my blog.

7. I think fashion trends are horrid. Just today, I was looking at Ann Taylor Loft online, and I saw LEGGINGS for sale. LEGGINGS. NOOOO. I also saw a person at work wearing a red kimono over gray capri leggings with giant glasses and black/white/green striped shoes. WTF?

8. Twenty seems really young.

9. I know people who are having babies.

10. I have been called "Mrs."

11. The AARP sent me a membership card. Seriously. I got it right before my 18th birthday. I have never paid any dues though, so I am pretty sure I am not in the AARP.

12. For my birthday, I asked for patio furniture.

13. Two glasses of wine makes me loopy. (I guess that doesn't make me old, just a lightweight.)


Stinkypaw said...

Welcome to my world! I love to see that I'm not the only one who has powers over kids with a single look! Once at a grocery store the kid started to cry and told his mom "Mommy make her stop!" I was simply looking at him! Love it!

Never did know what was cool in the music world, and always thought fashion was too often too weird for me...

I've caught myself saying "the kid" about a twenty years old... 8-0

I know people who are grand parents!

I've been called Mrs for a few years now :-(

I don't drink so 2 glasses of wine would most likely make me sleepy...

Oh dear! We are old, so when are we planning that game of Canasta?

Janet ( said...

hahaha you have some pretty funny ideas about what constitutes "old" :-)

Leggings are back in style? ROFLMAO! Too funny!

Thanks for visiting!

Knitting Maniac said...

I NEED to work on my stern look. My mother has it down; I don't. I thought it was learned.

And I'm with you on that wine thing...

Happy TT! Thanks for stopping by!

Yez said...

1. I'm happy when it rains because maybe it'll cool things off :>
2. LOVE that feeling of power (kid's thinking "you can fool some of the parents some of the time, but this old lady's on to me").
3. If I like it, it's cool unless someone asks me to turn it down. And their music is cool unless I have to ask them to turn it down.
4. LOL! Is that better or worse than being called ma'am? Tough call.
5. Apparently some people are just born for MySpace (and AOL...) so I guess they deserve each other.
6. Yabbut editorially. It's not like your life revolves around it.
7. I like leggings, when it's not freaking 95° out. And - Boy George came to your office?!
8. Ruminate on this: 20 seems young to MY DAUGHTER =8-O
9. {{sob!}} Some of my friends have grandchildren!
10. I did everything backwards :> so even though I would answer to "Mrs." to avoid telling my life story over and over, I finally became one at the turn of the century X-D
11. Wow, they're recruiting young nowadays. I qualify but haven't signed up.
12. Nothing wrong with that! Did you get some?
13. Depends how loopy :> After I had Xan, I thought I could start knocking back drinks as usual. Heh. I think one beer did me in :> I can hold it better now, but I'm still not back to my pre-mom capacity :-I 2 cents said...

I'm young, with no kids, but have that stern look thing down pretty well. It comes from a lifetime of baby-sitting younger siblings, little cousins and from my working in daycare days.

3carnations said...

I haven't had a drink in a couple years, so two glasses of wine would probably be more than enough.

I too have the "stern look" thing down, although a slight shake of the head works just as well.

Part of my birthday gift was a set of pillow protector covers, which thrilled me to no end because now I have a second set to put on the pillows while the first is being washed.

My first time being called ma'am was at age 18. It was by the bag boy at the Piggly Wiggly in New Hampshire. He was probably a year younger than me.

Lawyerish said...

Cracks me UP. I am SO and old lady, too. Mostly with the early bedtimes and the low tolerance for liquor. (*Two* glasses of wine? I can barely drink ONE anymore. Gack!)

MySpace freaks my shit out, and it is reason 8,462 that I am not sure I can have kids, because IMAGINE what they will have 20 years from now? The dangers! The perverts! Aaaaagh!

I am not a fan of the "Mrs." title. Even though I am married. Ms. or Miss will do just fine, thanks.

PreppyGirl said...

I was just wondering about the whole leggins thing. They had a "story" (I use that term loosely) about them in the recent US magazine. Right before I read your post I happened to look out my window and saw a young girl wearing them with a skirt (and it's like 90 freaking degrees out). I'm sure they're comfy but they seem so 80's.

I often complain about "those darn kids" these days. I refer to my staff as "the kids" (they are mostly in their early 20's). I complain about loud music. I am, however, guilty of having a myspace for stalking purposes.

Whinger said...

Okay, but how awesome is it to have a little power over any misbehaving kids now that we're adults?

I love that.

Boozie said...

I'm with you on most of that stuff, but I asked for new tires for my birthday.

jes said...

Egad. This list makes me old, too. Except, no patio furniture. Just a new vacuum.

stefanie said...

A few years ago, for Christmas I asked for The Chicago Manual of Style. I'm not only old; I'm also a huge nerd.

schneids said...

glad i am still young. Now i know what i have to look forward to when i hit your old age. ;-)

leggings...really, people? There is a reason that some thing go out of style. What is next?...disco?

**singing "night fever"**

babies rock!

Mommy the Maid said...

Myspace bugs the poo out of me too. I hate MySpace. I also can make children behave with just a look. :D

shpprgrl said...

I will be too, except I don't even know how to play canasta. Should I learn? ;) Your list is funny!