Monday, September 04, 2006

September 3, 2006

We decided for our anniversary we would spend the weekend at a B&B in Red Wing. But the owner fell, broke her back, and ended up in a full body cast! So we are going to stay there another weekend instead, and the owner offered us one night free, which was a tremendously generous offer, considering that she is the one in the full body cast.

H surprised me by getting us a room in a local hotel instead. I am really glad we stayed at a hotel because then our focus was on spending time together instead of doing lawn work or cleaning or other regular household tasks.

We started our anniversary by going to Mass together. The church we went to was very sweet. And the church band was awesome and had a rock flute. H called it a jazz flute, but I think it was most definitely a rock flute.

Then we went to brunch at the place where we had our wedding reception last year. The food was really good, but the weather was not much better than it was last year. At least this year there were no tornado warnings.

Because it was cold and rainy, we headed over to the nearby casino after brunch.

Apparently, some people have had luck there. Us? Not so much.

We had a fantastic dinner for our anniversary at a new-ish, semi-swanky restaurant that we have been wanting to try out. The food was amazing, and our waiter even brought us free dessert since it was our anniversary.

It was really a great first anniversary, celebrating a wonderful first year of marriage.


jonniker said...

Happy anniversary! Happy anniversary! And what a great pic. So cute. I'm glad you got away and had a great time.

Marmite Breath said...

Lovely! And the rain picture from the other post was wild. I can't believe it rained that much on your wedding day.
Happy Anniversary to you both. Oh, and poor woman in the full body cast!

3carnations said...

Sounds like a great anniversary.

How nice of the hotel lady to make up for the great inconvenience HER body cast is causing you ;)

Lawyerish said...

Happy anniversary!

The rain. Oh my GOD. Did everyone and their brother tell you that rain on your wedding day is supposed to be lucky?

It sounds like y'all had a great wedding day and anniversary!

boozie said...

Happy anniversary. Those old lady cut-outs are quite creepy.

schneids said...

i agree...those old lady cutouts are kinda creepy!

Still..glad that you had a nice anniversary!

Christine said...

Happy Anniversary! The ceremony looks like it was beautiful...and OHMYGOD the rain.

Also, September third is my sister's birthday, so clearly it is lucky. ;)

PreppyGirl said...

The jazz flute - all I could think of is that scene in Anchorman.

And that pic - hysterical.

Stinkypaw said...

Happy anniversary! May it be the first of many, many more!

don't call me MA'AM said...

Yay! Happy Anniversary!

I'm glad you got out of the house for the very reasons you mentioned. What a great idea. :-)

-R- said...

Jonniker, thanks!

Marmite, the rain wasn't so bad because it was off and on. But when it was on, it was really on.

3carnations, I know! Poor lady! She is the one who should be getting free things!

Lawyerish, we heard that the rain meant that we would be rich and/or have lots of kids. At least it made our wedding more memorable!

Boozie, I kind of like Ethel and Loelita.

Schneids, you should have seen some of the other cutouts.

Christine, September 3 is definitely a good day. Happy bday to your sister!

Preppygirl, there was no extended, crazy jazz flute solo at church, but maybe next time!

Spaw, aw, thanks.

Ma'am, H definitely deserves praise for a good surprise. What a guy.