Monday, October 02, 2006

One of These Things Is Not Like the Other

Here is the game for today. I will list the items I was wearing today, and you guess which items I bought myself and which one item was a present. Ready?

clearance t-shirt from Ann Taylor, all nubby (was probably supposed to be dry cleaned- too bad)
blazer from The Gap
skirt from Target - about 3 to 5 years old
brown Aerosole high heels, scuffed toes - at least 6 years old
Monsac purse

If you guessed the purse, you win... nothing. Sorry. Haven't I just proven how cheap I am? Most of the time, I can't stand to spend money on myself. H does not have the same problem. He is quite happy to spend money on himself. I think we tend to even each other out.

So... I need to come up with some things to put on my Christmas list. There are a lot of little things I want, but H does not do little things. Not his style. Suggestions? What have you been eyeing lately?

PS Yes, I realize it is only October 2nd, but we get started early in the -R- and H household.


Stinkypaw said...

Hubby wants a GPS (actually already bought) for when we go huking or snow-shoeing.

I just want the DVD series of "Friends" (yeah,... I'm one of "those"...), and a few other things, but since it will be my b-day before Chirstmas I might get some at that time...

I shop 'year-round' for Christmas - if I see something that I like for someone in particular I get it. Have "having" to shop.

Libragirl said...

Come on, there has to be something

The new 80 gig video i-pod with widescreen.
A tivo so you can finally watch what you were missing in you free time (hee)
A nice pair of earings.

there must be something big
little presents. - gift card to bookstore or amazon always good.

Nat said...

A bigass Kitchenaid free standing mixer. In a rad colour.

Gift certificates to hair place.

Day off. Dishes and laundry done. Kids entertained (not plopped in front of TV). On a gift certificate for me to redeem when I want.

But that's just me. I'm sure you'd still like the first two, right, R? :)

3carnations said...

I don't like to spend much on myself, either. I love to buy clothes for my son and hubby, but I seldom get any for myself. Everything but my shoes today is somehow less than a year old, though. The shoes are almost 2 years old.

I don't think it's early at all. I pretty much buy things as I think of them during the year. I don't much care for the mad rush around the holidays. I like to be done by the second week of December, at the latest.

I tend to ask for useful things. I don't think I know what I want this year, either. We pondered the idea of not getting each other anything and buying a small entertainment center for the living room. Our TV is sitting on the stereo cabinet that I bought 14 years ago. Of course, then we would have to buy a small bookshelf stereo...

jes said...

my inlaws were asking for christmas ideas this weekend, too. i had no idea what to tell them, except: "Call Roger. I'm sure he has some ideas."

And, what? There's an 80-gig iPod?

Guinness_Girl said...

ooh, this is fun!

big things i want someday:

*a set of pearls in varying shades of pink, orange, and yellow. big, fat, tahitian ones.

*the 80gig iPod, which I actually might be buying today after work

*dude, if you don't have tivo, you need it.

*a new couch

*a new mattress

*another set of 600-thread-count sheets. they're divine to sleep on.

*spa day. like the kind when you go in the morning and have some treatments, then eat lunch there, in a robe, and then get more stuff done.

*ooh! product day! a spree at sephora or somewhere with a big cosmetics department!

*a trip anywhere

Does that help?

Lawyerish said...

GG is my kind of girl. I would want most of what she said.

What is this about you not having a TiVo?? Clearly, that HAS to be on the list!

Spa day gift certificate, cute earrings/necklaces (nothing fancy), a cashmere sweater (something I wouldn't splurge on for myself), tickets to something that's coming up like a play or whatever, a surprise trip is always good... Umm... For a Big Gift, maybe a supernice digital camera, although I still like shooting film for "serious" photography, vs. my point and shoot digital, so maybe not.

I am bad at figuring out what I want, too. We always give each other a lot of books.

princess slea said...

you should ask for Karaoke Revolution and all the follow up discs and an extra microphone (for duets).
maybe you can hook up Guitar Hero with karaoke rev and dance dance revolution and sing, play, and dance at one time!

-R- said...

Spaw, H buys himself things all year too. Then when it is time for Christmas and his birthday, it is very frustrating!

Libra, the earrings are a good idea. And I may ask my mom for some book store gift cards.

Nat, the mixer is a good idea. I could use the day off too, just not from any kids.

3cars, I HATE the Christmas rush. Especially at the Mall of America. It is ridiculous. I think there was a stabbing over a parking spot last year.

Jes, I am so bad at coming up with things to ask for from the in-laws!

GG, those are some good ideas. Also, when is your new blog going to be up???

Lawyerish, I fear Tivo. I really don't watch much tv anymore, and I kind of like that!

Princess, that would assume I had coordination, which I do not. We saw some kids playing Dance Dance Rev at the movie theater, and H told my friend, "That's -R's- favorite game!" Except I have never played it, so I don't know why he thinks that.

3carnations said...

Mall of America? Oh...lucky you. I want to go there. When it opened up, I was still living in the military town that I grew up in, and a good friend of mine was a Navy wife stationed there, but she was from Minneapolis. She went there when she visited her family at Christmas time. I always said I would go there sometime to visit her after she moved back, and see the mall then...But it never happened.

There was a show about it on the Travel Channel last week. I was ooohing and ahhing to hubby as we watched it. Everytime I'd say something like "Oooh - they have an aquarium in the basement", he'd say "It's just a MALL".