Monday, November 06, 2006

The In Crowd

I think I went to the most annoying Starbucks ever today. My fellow patrons were pretty ridiculous. In one corner, we had two 40-ish women discussing how friendly they could be with men without "leading them on." They decided it was inappropriate for either of them to be alone with a man because "who knows what could happen." In another corner, a 19-ish student was trying to get the guy she was with to take her to dinner. She would talk about her boyfriend in the first half of a sentence, and then put her hand on the guy's hand and say, "I'm just SO hungry, but I can't afford to eat at a restaurant tonight." The guy ended up leaving without her, and then she called someone else and invited him or her to dinner. Then there was teenage boy in the porkpie hat, trying to impress an incredibly stupid teenage girl. One of the amazing facts he used to impress the girl was that he realized a few weeks ago that he and his three brothers all have names that start with the letter J. I wish I were exaggerating. Finally, we have the Russian 30-year-old and her mother. The mother wore salmon-colored capri pants with black pantyhose and black slippers. The daughter wore black high-heeled ankle boots, white tube socks, gray capri leggings under a super-short denim mini-skirt, a white t-shirt with gold leggings, and a denim jacket that only covered her shoulders and chest. I realize that I should not exactly be making fun of anyone's fashion choices, but I think my Mom Pants are the height of fashion in comparison to these ladies' outfits. So obviously, I was really productive today.


3carnations said...

Hubby and I stopped at Beaners after our son's Halloween parade last week. They have some couches, and one lady was sitting on it with her shoes off...I think they made it feel a little too much like home to her.

guinness girl said...

Oh, come now. Don't you know you should NEVER be left alone with a man, due to your irresistability and foxiness? I thought this was common knowledge. What man can resist the 7-inch zipper?

Okay, that sounded dirtier than I intended it to be. I am not funny. Carry on.

-R- said...

3cars, the couch may seem comfortable, but, lady, you are still in public. Shoes on!

GG, who can resist? I think the answer is: Everyone! And you ARE funny.