Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tuesday Night Confessions

1. I rarely, if ever, tip the people from whom I order my coffee.

2. My coworker leaves $1 all the time, so I feel like she makes up for me.

3. Except I don't feel bad for not tipping the coffee people.

4. And the guy I regularly go to always gives me 10 cents off as though I got the trivia question right, even though I never even guess the trivia question.

5. Before you ask, no, the coffee guy does not have a crush on me.

6. I know this because I have met the coffee guy's boyfriend.

7. My nemesis and I are on friendly terms now. He says hi to me all the time.

8. Don't worry, though. I have a new nemesis.

9. I am glad that Shia Le Bouef is doing well because I used to watch the Disney show he was on, which was called Even Stevens.

10. Yes, I used to watch the Disney Channel when I was in law school. And I liked it.

11. I always think that this will be the morning I get up when my alarm goes off, but then I always hit the snooze button.

12. But I am really, truly convinced that it will be different tomorrow morning.

13. I have disliked every job I have ever had.

14. I think I was meant to be a lady of leisure.

15. Unfortunately, H thinks he was meant to be a gentleman of leisure.

16. Our house is really messy.

17. I am probably responsible for half the mess, but I blame H.

18. He blames me, so it works out ok.

19. I don't always tell the whole story about things I write on my blog.

20. It is just easier than explaining the whole back story sometimes.


sognatrice said...

I'm pretty sure I was meant to be a lady of leisure too. I do it so well!

Noelle said...

Burping a lot is better than farting a lot. Not that that's a confession. It just is.

3carnations said...

1. I don't, either. I am a former tipped employee (waitress). I made less than minimum wage and had to claim my tips on my taxes. I needed those tips, or I would have been making about $6,000 a year for a full time job. I also worked at a Dunkin Donuts, and we were required to refuse tips if offered. We made more than minimum wage, and did not claim tips. I would be shocked if the Starbucks employees were claiming tips. Why should they get untaxed wages on money that people are giving them from their own taxed wages? Seems unfair if you ask me...

21. Hubby burps a lot, too. He claims I don't understand...and seems to think I privately burp as much as he does.

Lawyerish said...

I never tip the coffee people. It would be like tipping at a deli or sandwich shop. We have to draw the line somewhere.

No one tips me for my legal services, either.

lizgwiz said...

11-12. See, here's where we differ. I NEVER think I'm going to get right out of bed.

14. I'm hearing you on this one. I'd make a great lottery winner. I'd enjoy the leisure, and I would NOT let it screw up my life, the way so many idiots apparently do.

Sparkling Cipher said...

I know myself well enough to know that getting up when the alarm first goes off will only happen once a year. That is why I set my alarm extra early to allow myself at least 45 minutes of hitting the snooze. People like me who lack self-discipline just have to trick themselves.

I would make an awesome lady of leisure. And I'll prove it as soon as the lottery gods come through for me. I've been faithfully making my $1 sacrifice for a while now, so it's only a matter of time... ;-)

stefanie said...

I would definitely do well as a lady of leisure. If we could both somehow pull off that scheme, we could meet for coffee all the time (and not tip the coffee person). By the way, I know exactly which coffee shop you are talking about with the trivia questions. I never tip there either. In fact, I'm annoyed they even have a tip jar out. Tipping is to acknowledge service. Simply ringing up my order and sending me to pick it up at the other end of the counter from someone else does not equal tip-worthy "service" in my book. (Yes, I am a crotchedy old lady. Had you really not figured that out yet?)

L Sass said...

I tip for coffee in MN, as my sister had an exciting career as a Caribou barista in high school.

I'm far less inclined to tip the sucky NYC Starbucks workers.

I am visiting my parents (and going "up north") for labor day... Caribou Coolers, here I come!

Em said...

I am just glad you have found a replacement nemesis. Where would we be without a rival? Probably no place real, that's where.

metalia said...

I never tip the baristas, either. Unless I need to get rid of my pennies. Does that make me a bad person?

Paisley said...

OMG you crack me up.

I don't tip the coffee guy, either. But I DO feel guilty if I don't tip when I pick up to go orders.

Pamela said...

burping doesn't come naturally to me.
So I have to wait for it to filter on through.

Which worked out well as I grew up with four brothers.