Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm Tired of Coming Up With Titles

Warning: I have an appointment to get my hair highlighted on Saturday morning. I have been considering this option for about a year and just decided last week that I was going to go for it. So highlights, here I come. The reason I am warning you is that there may be lots of sad posts this weekend if it goes poorly, but I have my regular stylist and not the crazy girl who butchered my hair that one time, so I'm not worried.

Beyond the hair dying experiment, I have no idea what I am going to do this weekend. I want to ride my bike and, unfortunately, I will have to do some work, but that's about it for plans. Man, I'm old. I did got a party last weekend though, so it's not like I never go out. The party last weekend was a housewarming party for one of H's coworkers. When H and I arrived, the host was holding the two-month-old baby of one of her friends. H immediately asked if he could hold the baby and tried to take it from her. I thought that perhaps he should introduce himself to the baby's parents and ask if they minded, but H had no time for that. He had to hold the baby RIGHT NOW. The baby's mom was right there and said it was ok, so H took the baby from his friend and held him, talked to him, and snuggled with him. (I originally referred to the baby as "it" in the previous sentence. You can tell who the baby-lover in our family is.) The baby had been crying when H's friend was holding him, but H calmed him down and kept him calm the whole time H held him. So there is really no point to that story except that H loves babies. And is good with them.

Anyway, this weekend will be both party- and baby-free as far as I know. And hopefully hair-crisis-free as well.

Do you talk to your hair stylist/barber/whatever when you are getting your hair cut/styled/dyed/prepared? If so, what do you talk about? I am so bad about hair styling conversations.


abbersnail said...

I love love LOVE highlights! Ooooooh baby, do I love highlights!

I'd tell your stylist that you want something natural, just a shade different. I love doing the full highlights, but in skinny strands, and I like them focused around my face. The reality, however, is that I wouldn't know this at all unless my stylist had told me what he was doing. I just tell them that I want it to look natural, and they make it happen.

I will say this: I am ALL ABOUT the gay male stylist. Done and done! Good luck!!!

jen said...

I got highlights for the first time about five years ago, when I first arrived in LA. I haven't been able to go without them since -- the whole depth of color thing they try to sell you is true. If expensive. And a pain.

I am also conversationally challenged when it comes to stylists, but I just parrot back the exact questions they ask me -- where are you from, etc.

I figure most stylists are just used to people who only answer their questions and never actually reply back with one of their own, so they might be happy to reply.

Also, you can always use the salon magazines for fodder! Everyone loves to dish about the celebs!

sognatrice said...

I hate hairstyling conversations. Really, really hate them. It's like a job interview but worse since s/he has control over your hair.

Good to know that H is so good with babies--much better than the guys who are afraid to hold babies for fear of dropping them. His interest and skill just may come in handy someday, right?

3carnations said...

How nice that -H- is good with babies. Maybe you should have one. :)

Incidentally, as the mother of a child who used to be a baby, if someone I didn't know came in and requested to hold my baby, I would say no. If he asked someone else who was holding him if he could hold the baby, I would also say no, and probably be irritated as well. I've never been a fan of the pass the baby game. A baby is a person, and it probably isn't the most comforting thing to a baby to be held by a complete and total stranger. I realize that contradicts your story about -H- soothing the baby, but it's how I feel.

But, if you have your own, I'm sure -H- will be great with him/her...and I won't ask to hold him/her. :)

claire said...

oh i hate the conversations, too. maybe it's just because i feel so awkward after the initial 'where are you from, what do you do' part and kind of sit there, hoping to come up with something so say and then when you don't say anything you feel like a loser with no social/conversational skills.

or maybe its just me.

lizgwiz said...

I guess I've been lucky, since I've apparently always had stylists who are good conversationalists. Or maybe it's me. Heh. But either way, we generally chat up a storm. About what? Oh, I don't know...pop culture and gossip mostly.

L Sass said...

So... is H anxious for a baby???

Highlights are the greatest, seriously. I haven't had any in a long time, but on July 21st that will all change!

One Smart Cookie said...

I am totally a Chatty Cathy with hair stylists. It makes me so uncomfortable when they don't talk to me. I kind of feel like they have a responsibility to talk to me and make me comfortable. I mean, if you just washed my hair, you could at least make some polite small talk, right?

Jhianna said...

Me too with the hair stylist conversations. I run out of things to talk about anywhere from a quarter to halfway through the proceedings. I end up asking how long they've worked there, what their favorite part of the job is, vacation plans, etc. And hope that they don't get offended when I get quiet.

TamiW said...

I hate the hair styling conversation as well as the mani/pedi conversation. I tend to go to chain beauty parlors, (Supercuts, Fantastic Sams, etc.) and I never see the same beautician twice so there is no sense in trying to create a relationship.
Additionally, I can't remember the last time I went in to get my nails done and was teamed up with someone who spoke english.
"I hep you?"
"Peek cala!" (pick color)
"You wan pin powda 3 dolla more."
"Go wash hand."
(2 minute conversation in native tongue with co-worker...then she says to me...) "she say you preeety. Look like movie sta."
I hope this doesn't come off as offensive...but this is the exact situation no matter when I get my nails done.

Paisley said...

Your hair is going to be so purty!

I hate the hairstylist convos because I really wish I could just sit there but then that'd be awkward. Blah. I also hate that everyone sitting around me can hear what I'm talking about which is usually trite and stupid.


What I hate MORE are massage therapists who want to talk during the massage. Kinda defeats the purpose, no?

Have a super weekend. This baby talk? Is something on the horizon?

-R- said...


Jenny said...

H is totally going to poke holes in your diaphram. (I don't mean that in a sick sort of way.)

Susan said...

I am a geek who spends her time thinking geekish thoughts and ignoring style magazine. So my method is usually finding someone and after one trial haircut (and checking out his other clients to see if I like the way they look). If he/she passes the "they all look good and hip without looking overdone" litmus, I simply go in, tell him/her the functions I expect ("I have to pull the front back while I do lab work, I've got 5 minutes to style this semester, shoulder length please", etc.) I just say, "Okay, you're the pro and you can see me in 360 degrees, within these limitations, YOU do what you want!"
Hasn't failed me yet. Or, as I like to say "It's my hairdresser's hair--I just wear it."