Saturday, September 08, 2007

Shoe Emergency!

Sent: Friday Morning
From: Me
To: Coworker

IT IS A SHOE EMERGENCY. I wore my flip-flops on the bus this morning (as usual), but I brought brown shoes to change into at work. And I am wearing black pants. I do not think this will go well. I am going to Macy's at 10 am.

From: Coworker
To: Me

I would love to come, but I got a really bad haircut last night, so I shall be hiding in my office all day.

From: Me
To: Coworker

Ok. I will stop by after my shoe extravaganza to show off the new shoes and to make fun of your hair.

From: Coworker
To: Me

Sounds good. Please bring some Kleenex, as you will cry after seeing my hair. Also, please wear your flip-flops so that I can laugh at your stupidity.


Having good friends at work makes my life so much better.

PS I bought these (on sale at Macy's for $40). They are much cuter in person. I feel like my feet are wearing little tuxedos.


janet said...

guilt-free shopping. you HAD to buy them!

Libragirl said...

Good friends at work is why I stay at my job...that and there is a huge shoe store down the street. I love shoes.

Jen said...

Oh! I like those shoes! They look soooo much more comfortable than those Nordstrom ones I have, that you had had your eye on back in the day. You really dodged a bullet by not buying those shoes, you know.

It's nice that you were able to run to Macy's. I have to ask: was the haircut as bad as your coworker said it was? (Poor gal!)

-R- said...

Jen, I couldn't tell if the haircut was bad because she had her hair in a ponytail. I don't think it was bad; I just think it was a LOT shorter than she wanted it.

One Smart Cookie said...

I like the shoes that you bought!

Your shoe emergency reminds me of the time a few months ago when my boss wore two totally different shoes to work. I'm not sure she'll ever live it down...

Noelle said...

Those shoes are pretty cute, even in not real life.

maliavale said...


nancypearlwannabe said...

Having friends at work is definitely key to avoiding total work meltdowns. Also, I'm jealous that you get to "run out" anywhere when you're at work!

Whiskeymarie said...

Very cute- I think they would even be cute with the "right" jeans.

jen from boston said...

I just bought a pair like those (during Blogher conf no less) Franco Sartos.

Yes, they're SNAZZAY.

stefanie said...

I used to have a good work friend. Then I dated him and then we broke up. We're not really work friends anymore. :-( Also, we never really talked about shoes or haircuts, so it's not even all that relevant to your story.

In my office, you could have just left on the flip flops. Let's add that to the growing list of reasons I'm glad I'm not a lawyer.

L Sass said...

They are adorable!! Best fashion mishap ever.

Also, by "Macy's" don't you mean Dayton's??? (I still think it's 1999 in Minneapolis.)

claire said...

those are the best kinds of friends. :)

CUTE SHOES! I'm also jealous that you can go shopping at 10am without the dirty looks from co-workers.

chirky said...

Love those shoes. I'm jealous that you can leave work in the middle of the day to go shoe shopping. My boss would be all over my ass, yo.