Friday, November 30, 2007

I Love You, Bobby Beeeeeeeeeeee

The last post of November should be a good one, right? I should go out with a bang, not a whimper! Unfortunately, I am exhausted, and I had a horrible day yesterday, and I feel meh.

Here is an e-mail I wrote to Metalia on Monday because the Vikings trounced the NY Giants:

Subject: Not to hurt your feelings, but...

Eli Manning sucks!


PS Every time the announcers said something about Bobby Wade (a Vikings player), I yelled out "I see you, Bobby Waaade!" in my Maya Rudolph as Whitney Houston voice ("Bobby Beeeeeeee!").

PPS If none of this makes sense, please ignore. Thanks.

I am not an Eli Manning fan. But I am a fan of Tiki Barber, who was on Project Runway on Wednesday night. I have been a fan of his for a few years. I would probably like Ronde (Tiki's twin brother) too, but I haven't seen him in any interviews recently. Can you imagine growing up with the name Tiki, though? He had to become an NFL player just to escape being beat up, I think.

I have a very preppy, feminine name. I wonder how I would be different if my name were Elektra or Rainbow. Would you hire an attorney named Elektra or Rainbow?

Anyway, back to the e-mail to Metalia. In a later e-mail I told her that I would have a Gossip Girl forum on my blog on Wednesday night. But then I decided that I really wanted to write about my grandmother instead. So today, here is your chance to discuss Gossip Girl if you so choose. I didn't like this week's episode because it was all about the parents. Whatever. I don't care about the parents. And the Rufus/Lily/Whatever Rufus' Wife's Name Is is so contrived. I still can't decide if I like Nate (Blair's ex-boyfriend). Do you like him? I think Dan is kind of a wimp, and I am not his biggest fan. Blair is really growing on me though. I really like her now. Thoughts?

PS SHIT. I drafted this last night and then published it this morning, and I originally published it with the draft date and time instead of the publication date and time. But I posted it on Friday, so it is my Friday post.


Noelle said...

I have not yet seen Gossip Girl. But just yesterday I was talking about kids of hippies, and my co-worker and I were wondering if there were a lot of children out there named Sunshine and Happiness who really hate their parents and are now Republican Congressmen and women.

PS - blogger still sucking, not allowing the links. Boo!

Littlefoot said...

I haven't watched Gossip Girl yet probably because ANTM uses up the available bad tv space my brain allots for any given night. However, am tempted to watch it as it reminds me of Cruel Intentions (the original and not that creepy, porno-ish sequel) Is it worth watching?

And, even though Eli Manning does suck, and his brother totally reminds me of Forrest Gump, be thankful you don't have Rex Grossman at the helm. You'll be able to appreciate just how awful he is on Sunday.

Kristie said...

I'm behind and havent' watched Gossip Girl. But I must!

Stefanie said...

I watched one episode of Gossip Girl and was not sufficiently hooked to keep watching. So I cannot contribute there.

I have to say, though, if this was supposed to be your last post of NaBloPoMo, it's got the wrong date on it.

I mean, no it doesn't! Never mind! If you are disqualified, that's more prizes for ME!!! ;-)

(Kidding. You've worked hard to stay in the game, and I don't want you dropping out on the last day, really.)

Whiskeymarie said...

I've never seen Gossip Girl, but I would totally hire a lawyer named Electra.

But I'm pretty sure I might be the only person who feels that way, so you would be very, very poor.

nancypearlwannabe said...

That would be SO awesome if your name was -R-ainbow.

Jess said...

I'm sorry you had a horrible day yesterday. I hope today goes better.

lizgwiz said...

You can just ditto Whiskeymarie's comment for me. No to Gossip Girl; yes to Electra!

See, you'd have two clients. ;)

L Sass said...

You don't like Dan?!?! Whatever. More Dan Humphrey for me.

Maliavale said...

Now I *want* an attorney named Elektra.

metalia said...

You know, I was WAITING for the Gossip Girl Roundtable. Glad to see it's still on.

I hate Dan so much; it's like he...expects too much from Serena, and holds her up to some invisible list of standards that only he can see. (Does this make any sense at all?) Don't even get me started on Vanessa.

I hated Blair at first, but now I love her. I want all of Serena's clothes, and all of Blair's accessories.