Friday, November 16, 2007

Yes, This Is What Nablopomo Has Brought Me To Do

And now I have nothing to write about.

I could tell you how I just found one of my blog posts on a weird spam blog. Or I could tell you how tired I am. But instead, I think we should discuss tv this week.

House: I was annoyed by the whole gimmick of having a documentary crew follow House and his compatriots (correct use of that word?) around the hospital. And I find the Crazy Bitch Doctor super annoying. But I am in love with House's best friend, the oncologist played by Robert Sean Leonard. I loved when RSL was making up bad stories about House during his interview by the documentary people. And I loved how the documentary was edited to make it look like House is a freakishly nice guy. "I became a doctor because of the movie Patch Adams!"

Gossip Girl: They played Guitar Hero! I want all their clothes! The end.

Project Runway: Do we really need more than one competitor this season with a Flock of Seagulls haircut? Apparently, we do. I knew that the bottom two contestants would be Eyebrows and Crazy Hippie, and I knew they would keep Crazy Hippie just to see what kooky things she will do next week. Did anyone else think that the dress by the Israeli guy who won the challenge fit the model really weird and made her boobs look like they were at stomach level? No? Just me and H thought that? Ok.

30 Rock: I did not get to see this because my sister-in-law taped Real Housewives of the OC (or whatever it's called) instead. Oh well. I will just watch 30 Rock online. It will be online, right? Sorry, writers' strike people, but I need my 30 Rock.

The Office: Normally, I love Kelly, but she is not allowed to talk smack about my Jim! Pam challenging Kelly to a game of ping pong was awesome. Everyone reading Michael's diary was hilarious but also made me want to give Michael a big hug. Actually, I wanted to give Michael a big hug during this whole episode. Was the best part when the lawyers were trying to figure out who this Ryan person is that Michael was dating? That's what she said.

What am I forgetting?


Noelle said...

Pushing Daisies? America's Next Top Model? These are the only two shows I watched live this week, despite the fact that they're on at the same time. Both failed to appoint, meaning they did not disappoint.

KM said...

PR: I knew both women would be at the bottom and that the hippie would stay as well. I liked how the gray dress fit the model, but I know it would look awful on anyone shorter than that. I really liked Chris' dress--the burgundy/gold--is that his name?

House: I liked the episode because Former-ER Dr. was fired. I like CTB, but I cannot wait until she is fired. I only like her because I believe that she will be fired.

The Office: I haven't watched it yet so I stopped reading.

One Smart Cookie said...

House: I agree re: the gimmick. Annoying. And I also love RSL.

ANTM: Never gets old. Never. I love you, Tyra!!

Also, I have recently started watching American Gladiators on this random channel that we get that plays it every night at 7. LOVE. I never watched it as a kid so it is all new to me and I am in awe.

lotus07 said...

The only show of note that I have watched this week besides Dancing With The Stars (why is Marie Osmond still there?)....was America's Next Top Model.....there is nothing more entertaining that super skinny air-head 20 somethings demonstrating how shallow and vapid they are. Entertainment at its finest!!!

nancypearlwannabe said...

I'm nervous that Lost won't be on because of the writer's strike... it's the only reason I have basic cable!

L Sass said...

I didn't like the outfit that won on Project Runway either! It didn't look tailored at all... I think I could do better with a bedsheet.

Operation Pink Herring said...

I really need to start watching Project Runway, don't I?

Anonymous said...

I think you meant "compadres"?

Yeah, I also love Robert Sean Leonard!

Galoot said...

30 Rock has pretty much managed to get funnier with every episode this season, though this one was on par with the highest of the high. Favorite moments this season:

1. Jack playing the members of Tracey's family in a therapy session.

2. Jack's talk to the staff after Kenneth's house party.

Stefanie said...

I didn't watch Project Runway, but I loved your recap of it. Also, I think my head might explode contemplating Noelle's "failed to appoint" line. Don't the two negatives (in "did not" and "dis") make a positive, meaning the shows actually "appoint"? Oh, I am confused. I really should stop thinking about it.

metalia said...

Okay, we need to start dissecting Gossip Girl, stat. Because I am OBSESSED, but for some reason, J doesn't really want to have lengthy, detailed discussions about the show. AND I MUST TALK ABOUT IT WITH SOMEONE!

(Like, for instance, how my friends saw them filming in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art a few weeks ago. Oh, yes.)