Saturday, November 19, 2005

Best Party Ever

We decided to have friends over on Thursday night. Nothing exciting. Just the chance to goof around with a couple friends, have some drinks, act a little dorky, and show off the new house.

So I announced to the friends, "Party will start at 7:15 because we will definitely be home by then."

I leave work early on Thursday so that I can get home in plenty of time. I get on my usual bus. Except for some reason it decides not to go right to my stop. It decides to go to two other places totally out of the way. Meanwhile, I am quietly panicking because I have somehow ended up on the bus with a crazy driver who is apparently just going wherever the heck he feels like going. AAA! But we do eventually make it to my stop. My husband picks me up, and we pull into the driveway of our house at 7:15. And our guests pull right in behind us. They were probably circling the block waiting for us, but they nicely pretended like that was not the case.

So obviously we had no time to prepare food. I put the items H bought at Super-T in the oven. Unfortunately, I forgot that our oven is a little crazy right now. On Saturday, I tried to bake a big cake in a little pan, and cake bubbled over everywhere. Now when you turn on the oven, it gets rather smoky. As in, the whole kitchen fills with smoke, and many windows and doors must be opened. So I told our guests, "Pretend like our kitchen is not filled with smoke! Let's quickly go into the living room, but not because the kitchen is filled with smoke, since it is not!"

And in the laundry room a big basket of clean laundry was lying in the middle of the floor, which I instructed everyone to ignore before I quickly put it on the stairs, where it was really still in sight, but oh well.

Then I kind of forgot about the food, and it kind of got a little bit, how shall I say it, crisp in the oven. And I tried to serve our guests some old-ish red wine that had basically turned into vinegar. Luckily when I started smelling it and asking if anyone thought it was ok to drink, our guests declined and chose to have some beer and white wine that was perfectly fine. I was the only one who tried to drink the red, and I pretended like it was really good but I just happened to be in the mood for white wine.

So if you are looking for a party planner, let me know, because I am totally available.

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