Friday, December 30, 2005

Ah, good times

A few years ago, I had a boss (let's call him Jerry since that is his name) who would never signal to me when he was done with a conversation. Jerry would call me into his office and explain a project he wanted me to do. He would finish his explanation and then just stop and look at me for an extended period of time. So I would say, "Thanks," and start walking out of his (corner) office. But as I approached the door, Jerry would start talking again as though there had ben no eery pause and I was still sitting in a chair by his desk. I would stand there, listen, jot some notes on my legal pad, and then wait as he paused an stared again. Repeat several times until I would finally just leave Jerry's office and pretend I couldn't her him down the hallway when he started talking again.

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