Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Christmas is over, and yet, I still have Christmas presents to buy. That is not good. I am celebrating Christmas with my family this coming weekend, and I need to get something for my sister. And I still have one friend to get something for. Aargh. Buying presents takes a long time for me because I can't just pick something nice. I have to search and search and find the perfect gift. But I usually just end up running out of time and getting something random. Hopefully I will have time to find some great things before this weekend, or my sister may end up getting whatever is for sale at some gas station along the interstate.

H's birthday is tomorrow, and I already gave him his presents. My favorite, and I think his favorite too, was a shirt from that says, "In Soviet Russia, shirt wears you." It is perfect for him! Tomorrow we are celebrating with dinner at an undisclosed location. Good times shall be had by all.

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