Sunday, February 05, 2006

Is it strange

that the only person I told about my blog is H? I will feel too much pressure to be funny or clever if the other people that I know and love start reading this blog. In general, I am a relatively good story-teller and can be pretty funny, but it doesn't seem to really show up on this blog. One reason may be that I tend to write here after work, and I am usually pretty exhausted. I have almost a 60 minute commute to work each way, and I usually work 10 hour days. So I come home, chat with H for a little while, work out, and then try to write. I come up with good blog entries when I am at the office avoiding actually completing projects that are due or when I am trying to fall asleep, but staring at the computer screen after a full day is just not conducive to interesting writing. Maybe I should start trying to write in the mornings? I don't know. Now I'm writing this on the weekend, yet it is still extremely boring. But I have about 5 hours of work I need to do today, plus take care of H who is extremely sick- again. First the eyelid issues, then his back went out, then he had to get an endoscopy, and now he has flu-like symptoms. All in the last 2-3 weeks. Poor guy.

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puremood said...

Blogging should never be about pressure. Just be yourself.... you'll find that one day readers will just come! :) They will like that you're just being you.