Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Six Phrases That Should Be Banned

1. The ball is in his/her/their court.

2. I could care less.

3. "Literally" when used to mean "figuratively" (example heard on NPR a few weeks ago: "Israel's prime leader is literally larger than life." Really? How large is life, 5'9"?)

4. fo' shizzle (or really any word to which -izzle is added in a pathetic attempt to be cool)

5. I'm not sexist/racist, but . . .

6. Raise the roof! (actually said by my boss last week, thinking this was a new and totally hip phrase)


mompoet said...

This is funny -R-! The phrase I want banned is the "double is," as in...."The thing is, is that we need a new strategy." Your blog is far from boring.
mompoet from the Friends of the Friendless Marching Band

-R- said...

Mompoet, I hate that too!