Thursday, March 02, 2006

Cool Runner

When I was in college, I decided to go running with some girls from my dorm. Why did I think this would be a good idea? I HATE running, and I am not good at it. Also, I wore glasses at the time. I knew if I ran while wearing my glasses, the glasses would be sliding off my nose the whole time, so I left them in my room. Yes, I decided running while nearly blind was a reasonable plan.

So we started running. I did my best to keep up with my friends, but it was a struggle. We were almost back to the dorm, when we had to cross through a four-way traffic stop. Of course, there was lots of traffic. One of the cars at the stop as we approached was a convertible full of boys our age. I was embarrassed because my face was bright red, I was panting heavily, and I was sweaty. As I crossed the street in front of the convertible, I misjudged the curb since I was half-blind without my glasses, and I wiped out. I got right back up as though maybe they didn't notice some crazy girl falling down in the street right in front of them. The boys all started laughing, and I just kept running like nothing had happened. My friends were all running right in front of me, so they didn't see me fall. When we got back to the dorm, they noticed my scraped up knees, so I had to tell them what had happened. They never asked me to run with them again.*

*I hope that doesn't sound like a sad ending. I am still friends with them; they just know better than to ask me to voluntarily go running!

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Carol said...

The ending all depends on how you look at it. It sounds as if they were protecting you from further injury.

While I am here, this is a reminder about Friendly Friday tomorrow!