Friday, March 10, 2006

If your nose itches, it means someone is thinking about you.

For Lent, I gave up gossiping. I should say, I tried to give up gossiping.

For the purposes of Lent, I defined gossiping as saying anything about someone that I would not say to directly to that person. I realize this is a bit broader than gossiping, but that is how I am defining it in this context.

I did really well for about the first five days. I was congratulating myself in my head all the time. Great job not gossiping! Look- that person did something really creepy, and you aren't even going to tell anyone about it! Those two people from work went out for "drinks," and you didn't even tell your husband! Way to go!

And then all of a sudden, I fell off the wagon. I think it started when I was having a rough time at work dealing with someone. And when it was getting really bad, this woman at work offered to take me out for coffee just to see how things were going. And I just started complaining about this person, and I could not stop. I was telling things that were true, but should not have been shared, especially with another coworker. Since then, I have been gossiping. Not all day, not all the time, but it has been happening. It is so embarrassing to realize how much I talk about people behind their backs. I am back to non-gossiping as of right now, and I hope I can make it until Easter.

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Su said...

Never be discouraged. Never give up, even though you think you've blown it. Keep at it. Thinking of you as you become stronger through overcoming...