Sunday, March 19, 2006

March Madness

Conversations During the NCAA Tournament on Friday Night:

Me: Michigan State really loves the braided-hair look.
H: Yeah, they're like the Braid-y Bunch.
Me: Boooo.

Me: I like that guy's muscles, but I don't like his shooting.

H: UConn's having another 20 minute timeout.

Me: That guy (from George Mason) looks like a caricature of the '70s. [The same could be said of Adam Morrison.]


H: [Censored] Now the One is winning.

Me: Oooo! That guy has umlauts!

Me: What's this Gumbel's name?
H: Greg. He and Bryant used to have a show together?
Me: Yeah?
H: They played bicycle cops.
Me: [Silence]
H: It was called "Gumbel to Gumbel."

Me: I'm glad Oral Roberts lost. Oral Roberts sucks.
H: [Pause] Are you making a joke about Oral Roberts and sucks?
Me: No, but it would be funny if I was!

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