Monday, March 20, 2006

Why Being a Lawyer is Odd

1. I feel the need to put disclaimers on everything, even this blog entry: This list applies mainly to the life of an attorney in private practice. Public practice is much different. Individual law practices will vary. See? Odd.

2. Most of my life is and will be documented in .1 hour increments.

3. I regularly think of six minutes as .1 hours.

4. I have to use the words "whereas," "heretofore," and "herein" almost every day.

5. Strangers occasionally tell me way too much about their personal lives, such as details of their divorces or their criminal backgrounds. It would be ok if they were clients, but it is weird when your hairdresser tells you about his misdemeanor conviction, or when your mechanic tells you about his divorce and asks you the best way to keep his wife from getting his assets. Or when you go to the U-Haul place to buy some boxes and the guy behind the counter starts telling you about his paternity tests, and you are just silently praying for the credit card transaction to go through quicker so you can escape. Hypothetically, of course.


Carol said...

Hi -r-
Yes, it is hard for people not to ask for help as you have knowledge that is not accessible to everyone.

-R- said...

But I don't know anything about divorce or criminal law!

Carol said...

Ah... I feel the same in my job when asked about a different department. Sure I studied it in school, umpteen years ago but I don't use it every day now.