Tuesday, March 14, 2006

We Wear Short Shorts

When I was in London between college and law school, I bought this big poster at an art museum. I managed to keep it in good shape despite having to carry it across Europe, and when I got back to the U.S., I framed it so I could hang it in my living room.

I lived in an apartment at the time, and one of the other people who lived in the same building was an older Hispanic gentleman who enjoyed working out. At least, I think he enjoyed working out. Otherwise, he just hung out a lot in his super tight, super short shorts, tank top, and wrist bands for no real reason.

When I was carrying my newly framed poster into my apartment building, Ol' Shorty Shorts was coming out of the building.

"Nice picture!" he said.

But I didn't understand him, probably because I was focused on not looking below his waist, so I said, "What?"

"Nice picture!" he said again.

"You too!" I said, and ran inside as fast as I could while carrying a giant frame.

I retain my crown as the Queen of the Awkward Conversation.


Carol said...

I have to ask -r-, what was the poster of?

-R- said...

It was a print of a Seurat painting. It is hanging in my living room right now, actually.

Stephen said...

I think art like that is the best memento to bring from overseas. It doesn't grow old and it always has a place in your life.