Sunday, April 09, 2006

Blogging the Weekend

This has been a really busy weekend! Friday night, H went out with some coworkers and called me to pick him up b/c he didn't feel like he should be driving. Unfortunately, there was no parking in all of downtown St. Paul because of a Kenny Chesney concert. I saw lots of Minnesotans dressed up like cowboys, which I found to be a little odd, but whatever. The women with two pounds of makeup and giant hair were even more odd. It brought back flashbacks of when I lived in Texas, where pounds of makeup and giant hair are de rigeur. (Not that all Texans look like that, but there is a reason for the phrase "Texas hair.") H's coworkers were very cool, and we ended up getting something to eat with a couple of them. I also got a parking ticket, although I was parked legally. I am still deciding whether it is worth fighting the $25.

Saturday morning, we went back into St. Paul for a community service project with our alumni group. (H and I graduated from the same law school.) We helped out at an elementary school: I painted and H moved heavy stuff around. One of the women I painted with was really cool, so it made the painting fun. She was also very hot, and one of our fellow alums apparently noticed, as he spent a lot of the morning trying to hit on her, in his subtle way. I don't know if he ended up getting her number or not.

Saturday night, I went to a book and wine party at a friend's house. Everyone brought a book and a bottle of wine, and we exchanged books and drank the wine. Everyone seemed to really like the wine I brought; it was gone really quickly. This and this is what I brought. I had a good time, and there is talk of getting together again in a month or two to re-exchange books.

This morning, H and I got up and went to church. It is Palm Sunday, so mass was a little longer than usual, but H and I were distracted by one of the cutest babies I have ever seen, who was sitting right in front of us. I am not usually that excited about babies, but this one was so adorable!

H and I went to Super-T after church to get groceries. I got distracted in the clothes section though, and H was really patient while I tried clothes on. I ended up getting a cute twinset, which sounds kind of old lady, but it is not, I swear! And the skirts I tried on were all too big for me, which made me happy (although I do really need some new skirts for work). If you have any suggestions on where to get cute skirts for work, please let me know!

We came home, and H grilled us some really good chicken, and now I am supposed to be working, but I cannot resist the call of the blog, even when I only have boring stuff to write. But I do have a ton to do, so I shall end abruptly right here.


stefanie said...

The book and wine exchange party is a cool idea. The problem I'd have, though, is that the books I own and love I wouldn't want to give up, and the ones I'd be willing to give up are the ones I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. (Stay away from "The Colony of Unrequited Dreams" and "The Book of Ruth." Trust me.)

Did you check for skirts at H&M? Or Kohls? I've had the damndest time finding skirts this year, because the stores are all stocked with stupid gauchos, but maybe the summer collections will bring skirts back again.

-R- said...

Thanks for the book anti-suggestions. I had a hard time choosing what book to give away, but I decided I was least likely to read Empire Falls again. At the book party, I was talking about Shannon Olson, and one of the girls said she had Shannon as a T.A. a few years ago. =)

I haven't tried H&M yet, so maybe I will go there this weekend. It seems to be rather hit and miss there.