Monday, April 03, 2006

Woulda Coulda Shoulda

I should be working right now.
I would like to be watching the NCAA tournament right now.
But work is boring, and I don't care who wins the tournament, so I am writing instead.

I am already almost finished with Children of God Go Bowling. I read it during my bus ride to and from work, and then while I was riding my exercise bike tonight. The bus ride this morning was great. The bus was packed, and the boy sitting next to me brought his skateboard on the bus. It was unusual for a suburban commuter bus full of office workers. His jeans also had a skull and crossbones on the back label. I only know this because he almost hit me in the face with his butt when he was trying to get off the bus. Other than that, he was a good seatmate. My book made me laugh out loud twice, so he probably thought I was wacko because I was trying to stifle the laughs, and I may have snorted.

I asked my friend what kind of jeans had skulls on the label because I have no idea what the young kids are up to these days. I ended up having to tell my friend about my bus ride because she thought it was a bit odd that I would just suddenly ask her about skull jeans. My friend pointed out that it was surprising that I would describe a bus ride that ends with a butt in the face as "great." I guess great is a relative term.

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