Sunday, May 21, 2006

Ascot Friday

On Thursday night H asked me if he owned any ascots. I said no.

"What is an ascot?" H asked.

I explained that it was some kind of silky tie/scarf for men. I asked why he had a sudden interest in ascots. H told me that he and some of the other guys in his office decided that Friday was going to be Ascot Friday. Unfortunately, H had to go to work without an ascot. But when H got to work, it turned out that none of the guys had ascots, so they walked to a nice menswear store (actually, it is a haberdashery) to hunt down some ascots. The ascots were $80! The idea of Ascot Friday was quickly abandoned. Instead, next week there is going to be English Dandy Friday. Now we have to find him a pipe and a brandy snifter.


Yez said...

Instead, next week there is going to be English Dandy Friday. Now we have to find him a pipe and a brandy snifter.

He already has the smoking jacket, slippers and monacle? H! Dude, you rock.

Carol said...

Who would've guessed?

PreppyGirl said...

Maybe they should each come up with an English Dandy name. You know, something like "Sir Reginald Archibald Oxenham, III." Then they could throw in some titles like "Duke of Surrey (Sheriff of Nottingham?)" Stuff like that. At lunch they could all partake in some English mark darts and a game of billiards at the local pub.

Sounds jolly good! I wanna play!

stefanie said...

That's hilarious. H's coworkers sound a lot more fun than mine. Are they hiring any technical writers where he works??

Oh, and I love that there's apparently still a haberdashery somewhere in the Twin Cities area? I had no idea.

schneids said...

***shaking my head at your H***



Guinness_Girl said...

Ha! I want to work at H's company. Sounds MUCH more fun than this gig I've got with the in-laws. What, exactly, are they smoking out of these *pipes*, anyway?

-R- said...

Yez, slippers- yes. Smoking jacket and monacle- have been discussed but not yet purchased. Where DO you buy a monacle?

Carol, I do not know where they come up with these things.

Prep, H is very excited by these ideas! I have suggested that he be Lord Diego Archibald MacPendleton, Earl of Ramsey.

Stefanie, unfortunately, I don't believe the public defenders office has much use for a technical writer. And yes, there is a haberdashery in the TC. Let me know if you need directions.

Schneids, you are secretly hoping for a transfer so that you can witness the English Dandy spectacle for yourself. I can tell.

GG, I think they should have those pipes that blow bubbles. I do not think breaking the law during the work day as a p.d. is a good idea. I can picture them in court defending each other in their smoking jackets and slippers, and it is not a pretty picture.

Yez said...

re: monocle [Google corrected me], we have a year-round Halloween superstore in central Mass :> so I don't think I'd have a problem. Found this, but I have no experience with the company ;-J