Sunday, May 14, 2006

Blogging for the Sake of It

Anyone in Boston or know someone who is and wants to hang out with my sister? She is doing a rotation at a vet hospital there and is basically bored out of her mind. The work is ok, but she is living at the hospital and has no transportation, so if you are looking for a cool new person to hang out with during the next two weeks, and you are not a freak, I can hook you up. Although if you respond to this, you probably are a freak, so never mind.

I am thinking of doing a FAQ for my blog instead of the profile thing. If you have any interesting questions you would like me to answer, let me know.

But I know what you are really wondering: what did I think of the series finale of The West Wing? Good question. I thought it wrapped everything up nicely, and it had a lot (relatively) of Dule Hill, but it just didn't have the special feeling that some other episodes (mainly Seasons 1-4) have had.

Now I am off to watch Grey's Anatomy. (I am pretending you care.)


Yesrie said...

West Wing: I wanted to see Toby's face. :-I Agree that the episode had a non-special feeling, though I loved the Abby-Jeb dialogue. And Lily Tomlin was great :>

Stephen said...

As for Grey's Anatomy, you should check out Sara's thoughts on the matter:

I know this show is big when I came to work this morning, follow up with my boss on some stuff, and all she wants to talk about is this show! I'm beginning to think it should be called "The Horrible People Show". But of course, I'm taking it in as well. So the joke is on me.

PreppyGirl said...

I don't watch Grey's Anatomy but I LOOOVE Patrick Dempsey so I probably should.

I wish I lived in Boston so I could hang out with your sister. Tell her to be sure and have some chowda!

-R- said...

Yez, I agree. Toby should have been in the last episode. I like the Abby-Jeb and the Santos-Mrs. Santos dialogue too. I love Lily Tomlin and her crazy alpaca secretary ways.

Stephen, I am guessing there will be even more talk tomorrow!

Preppy, I talked to my sister yesterday and she is in love with the word "wicked" now. I will suggest she have some wicked good chowda.

Yesrie said...

"I will suggest she have some wicked good chowda." {{{Applause!}}} You're using "wicked" in true Yankee style: modifying an adjective (as opposed to being a stand-alone adjective :> ). You ahh wickit ossum!

Agree about the Santos' dialog, but I'm ticked at her. Way to ruin his day (when she was fixing his tie) by dredging up her resistance to his very first campaign on his inauguration day. (He didn't let it get to him, but that doesn't excuse her. Hrmph!)

-R- said...

Yez, I appreciate the wicked nice applause.

I took what Mrs. Santos said to imply that she never thought her husband's career would end up like this, but not in a bad way, so it didn't bother me.