Monday, May 15, 2006


I may have crossed some boundaries (commenting on the occasional blog from work), but I just typed out part of a strange conversation I had with one of my bosses and then deleted it because that is one boundary that I am not yet ready to cross. I have mentioned work before, but I do have some limits (surprisingly).

H and I watched Grey's Anatomy tonight. I am not sure why the writers are trying to have every possibly crazy thing that could ever happen occur in this one (freakishly long) episode. It is too much. H hates all the characters now. I only kind of hate all the characters now. At least H admitted that George's girlfriend is not hot.

I am reading Wicked right now. I am not providing a link because the book is horrible. I do not suggest reading it. I am determined to finish it though, so I am basically going to skim the last 200 pages so that I can just be done with it. Why do I insist on finishing books I don't like? Does anyone else do this? No? Ok. Just wondering.


PreppyGirl said...

I am not a reader but I did recently notice that my mom is reading Wicked too. I should ask her what she thinks of it. Maybe you keep reading hoping it will redeem itself by the time it's done!

Carmen said...

May I suggest that you stop reading the book, and see the play instead? I've heard from lots of people that the book=boring. But the play was AMAZING! That way, you'll still know what happens. :)

Whinger said...

Wicked was truly awful and I couldn't figure out what all the hype was.
Am suspicious of the play as I don't know how they could've improved on the horrible boring story.

Guinness_Girl said...

I used to force myself to finish books. Now, however, I abandon them...with abandon! Hee!

-R- said...

Preppygirl, I hope the book gets better!

Carmen, I am glad the play was so great. I think part of the reason I hate the book is that the author tries to use ancient language or something, and it comes off fake, so I would bet the play would be much, much better.

Whinger, did you manage to finish the book?

GG, I should try your abandonment plan!

stefanie said...

I have a need to finish a book once I start, too, no matter how painful. You're not the first person I've heard say they hated "Wicked," though I've heard the play is great, and I really, really wanted to see it. Unfortunately, the tickets were gone a millisecond after they went on sale last week, so I guess neither of us will be catching it in the Twin Cities this summer.

Yesrie said...

I know nothing of "Wicked", but will stay away from the book :>

I'm with you on finishing books, but "Dune" vexed me so much I abandoned it (halfway, I think). Apparently it's marvelous social commentary, so I won't warn people away. (Everyone else has read it already, anyway :> )

Anne said...

My friends loved the when we were going on this crazy long 16 hour road trip we bought the book on cd. I thought I was going to kill myself! And they kept wanting to wait because "it had to get better..the play was so amazing" Finally I threatened to throw it out at the next gas station and they turned it off. But I will pbly never watch the play because that was so awful!