Wednesday, June 14, 2006

All the Rice-a-Roni You Can Eat

Thirteen Fantastic Things About My Trip to San Francisco

1. I got to see my dad, my friend, and my friend's fiance. (Not all at the same time.)


When the girl went to pick up this cake, the baker whispered to her, "Here is the cake of the... male torso." I think the baker was mortified. And yet the reason of the bikini on the cake looks so... full is that the put an actual banana under the frosting.

3. One guy very seriously but drunkenly asked me not to tell his mom he had been drinking. He had to be about 24. And I have never met his mom. And I am pretty sure his mom lives in New York. So I think he is pretty safe.

4. There was much discussion of the possibility that there will be an elephant at my friend's wedding.

5. Once H found out that there is a tradition that people steal the groom's shoes during the wedding ceremony and refuse to give them back until the groom forks over some cash, H became determined to steal the groom's shoes at the wedding. I tried to convince him that this is a tradition for the family, but he seems to be undeterred in his scheming.

6. We suprised (I hope) my friend with a scrapbook. Each guest, and some others who could not make the trip, made a page. One page had the e-mail that introduced my friend and her fiance. One page had a fantastic painting and sweet wishes to the couple for a happy marriage. Some pages were hilarious, some were very sweet, and I think she really loved it.

7. Brunch in the Castro, baby!

8. Hiking in Muir Woods.

9. The bus drive to the hike in which my friend's friend stalled the bus driver so that my friend could make the bus, and then the bus driver proceeded to make up for lost time by driving like a bat out of hell and making jokes over the bus's PA system.

10. We were in San Francisco!

11. My friend's fiance is a super cute drunk.

12. So is my friend. (I would post pictures of their super drunken cuteness, but that would be pretty rude of me considering that I won't post pictures of myself. Although I think I was a pretty cute drunk on our trip. Not the whole trip, just the parts that required drinking.)

13. Dancing with a really weird 80s band. (That is not an insult. I am pretty sure that is how they would describe themselves.)


boozie said...

I love the idea of #6. I still have where Nick asked me out on a date. Funny how that's so common now...

Anyway, sounds like you had a damn good time! Welcome back!

Lazy Daisy said...

That was a very interesting cake...never would have thought about frosting over a banana?

don't call me MA'AM said...

Sounds like so much fun!!! I also like the banana baked into the cake. What a great idea.

For my friend's bachelorette party, they made her cake with a Twinkie and some Sno-Balls. It was... interesting. ;-)

PreppyGirl said...

That cake is awesome. A TRUE banana hammock!

FatedHearts said...

awwwww i love the cake and the bikini thing hehehehehehe and an elephant on your friend's wedding? now that i gotta see hehehe.

Happy T13, mine is up.

Natsthename said...

I love San Francisco! (and most of the rest of California!) Love that shot of the cake, too.

Awesome 13!

Guinness_Girl said...

Muir Woods! I love that place - isn't it amazing? We went on part of our honeymoon. The picture of the cake was awesome, too.

Re #12, what is this "parts that required drinking" of which you speak, and how do I sign up? ;)

The Schooligan said...

Sounds like a great time. SF rocks! I'm not sure why I don't live there...

princess slea said...

banana hammock! preppygirl, you crack me up.