Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bloggers, Don't Fail Me Now

Thanks for all the tips (in comments and by e-mail) for our trip to DC. I have one more question to ask you regarding the trip. We will be staying for a few days with H's aunt and uncle (although I think the uncle may be out of town), and I want to get them a gift for letting us stay with them. The only idea I have right now is to scope out their liquor cabinet while we are there and pick up a bottle of wine of the brand (or vintage or something fancy like that) so that I know they will like it. I am worried we may not get to a liquor store though. Any other ideas?

They are about 60, really fun, very smart, and extremely generous. H's aunt volunteers at the White House and at Walter Reed (military hospital). H's uncle has a Ph.D. in Aerodynamics (or something along those lines) and was in the Air Force for yeeeears, but now works for a defense contractor. I am really looking forward to seeing them.

I shall end with a funny anecdote:
H has always loved comic books and comic book characters. When he was little, his favorite character was Spider Man. In fact, he wanted to be Spider Man. He knew Peter Parker had gained his spidey powers when a radioactive spider bit him. H thought for a while about how he could find a radioactive spider and get it to bite him. H caught a spider and put it in the microwave. Unfortunately, after 30 seconds in the microwave, it was probably radioactive* but it was in no shape to bite H.

*Ok, no it wasn't, but it is cute.


Galoot said...

Tell H that the Spiderman 3 teaser trailer is up on Youtube and the official site.

Sarah said...

Because it might be hard to get to the liquor store you could go with coffee maybe? (that is if they drink it)

some kind of a good assortment of beans with mugs and creamers or dark chocolates or something like that?

Or you could take them to dinner?

I don't really know. People only give me unframed artwork.

stefanie said...

That Spider-Man story is adorable. Too funny.

Have fun on your trip! Sorry I don't have any helpful advice on the gift; I'm lousy at coming up with good host/hostess gifts myself.

liz said...

Where in the DC area are they? If they are in the Northern Virginia area a gift certificate to Wegman's or Trader Joe's might be a good idea.

Also, you could send them a basket from Harry and David.

schneids said...


I like the Harry and David gift basket idea. I just would worry that you would not have time to get to a liquor store.

I am mad at you though, since i have not seen your cute new haircut yet.

whinger said...

Harry and David never ever let me down, but I just send the straight fruit as it's the best part of the gift basket anyway.

PreppyGirl said...

I like the booze idea. Also you could get a Borders gift card or maybe Amazon.com (since they sound all smart and stuff). Harry & David really is great. Also Gifttree.com has some cool baskets too! Good luck and have fun!

Figures Galoot would only comment on Spiderman. He's such a boy. :-D

Stinkypaw said...

I would offer the aunt and uncle a nice gift basket. Did that last year to a cousin's cousin who was welcoming us into their house without even knowing us, so I made the basket with some of my homemade jams, some local ice-wine and some other goods - they loved it. A nice presentation, and voila!

That anecdocte is too funny.

Guinness_Girl said...

Why not just buy a bottle of wine in advance? Your local wine shop can help. Do you at least know if they drink red or white?

don't call me MA'AM said...

I also like Harry & David... they have always been a winner for me. You could also go with a nice plant, if you know they don't have allergies.

I wanted to be Cher when I was little. ;-) Not crazy 80s Cher... early to mid 70s Cher. I got to see Sonny & Cher in concert when I was 2.

Yez said...

Tagging along with the gift basket idea. Are there any yummy foodstuffs peculiar, heh, to your area? If I traveled far enough :> New England items usually were well received (who doesn't like maple syrup?) and it was fun to throw in surprises like a lobster-shaped cookie cutter. Not gronky souvenirs, but funky little stuff.