Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Too Much Caffeine, Not Enough Sleep

I was driving home from work tonight and heard a song on the radio that I have heard many times before. The DJ/radio announcer guy/whatever introduced the song as Lust for Life by Iggy Pop. And then the song started. And I realized that the words for the chorus are "Lust for Life... Lust for Life."

I have been thinking it was "Let's Go, Life!... Let's Go, Life!" As in: Come on, Life! You can do it! Ummm, yeah. I thought Iggy Pop was cheering for life.

But anyway, Preppy Girl's post the last Thursday reminded me of a trip to the dentist I had blocked from my mind forgotten about. My mom scheduled my sister and I for dentist appointments on Halloween one year in elementary school. No big deal, right? So the dental hygenists might wear cat ears or something. Whatever. What my mom did not count on was that my 60-year-old dentist might also dress up for Halloween. As a cyclist. And he would wear the full cycling uniform: tight shirt with spandex shorts. And then he might stand next to the patient's chair while chatting with my mom. Guess what level my head was at when I was in the patient's chair. If you guessed crotch level, you are correct!

Time for bed.


Sarah said...

I would have freaked out. What is it with professionals dressing up on halloween? I am not okay with this.

schneids said...

ewwww. that is just wrong.

All i can say is "Let's go, Life". ;-)

princess slea said...

i've got a lust for life! remember he sang that in a commercial when it was first out? isn't a cruise line jingle or something now?

Hmmm, as if going to the dentist wasn't horrible enough....now it would have been REALLY traumatic if he'd gotten wood while talking to your mother.

Yez said...

When "Mercy, Mercy" first came out and I heard it on the radio, I thought Mick was singing "Happy Birthday".

So um, "Happy birthday on me"? Those Brits sure talk funny :>

-R- said...

Sarah, I agree. I like Halloween, but not at work, and not if it involves biker shorts.

Schneids, heh.

Princess D, yes, it is a cruise line jingle! But I thought the cruise line was also cheering for life.

Yez, Happy birthday on me? I like it!

don't call me MA'AM said...

Ummmm... ewwwww.

I scheduled a dentist appointment for my girls once on Halloween. They were not happy campers.

Libragirl said...

Ok, bad dentist

Why is watching Grey's anatomy silly, although if you yell at the tv that Burke should just break up with Christina and come to you , that would be silly..not that I've ever done that.