Sunday, June 04, 2006

When You Assume...

The other day, I had to bring a ton of files home from work so that I could finish up some work at home. I had to walk a long way through the skyways, and this guy in front of me held several doors open for me, which was very nice. Eventually, he said to me, "You must be a paralegal!"

I replied politely, "No, I'm an attorney."

Silence. He turned red.

"Well, at my firm," he said, "paralegals often have to carry lots of files, and..."

"It's ok," I said.

But I was annoyed. If I were male, he wouldn't have assumed I was a paralegal.

Anyway, the situation in the skyways was really awkward because after Assumption Guy made his comment, I had to keep walking behind him for several minutes. Finally, we got to where I had to exit the skyway, but he kept going. The guy behind me smiled at me and said, "I must be a computer scientist since I have a laptop."


I just finished watching the movie A Cut Above: 100 Years of Duke Basketball. Why am I watching a promotional movie about Duke basketball on a Monday night in June? Umm... because Duke is the best college basketball school ever, Shawn Battier is HOT, Carlos Boozer rented his mansion to Prince (who painted parts of it purple and installed weird things in it), Coach K is awesome, Mike Dunleavy, Grant Hill, and did I mention my love for college-age Christian Laettner? I love the underdog too, but not when the underdog is playing Duke. Please do not even bother to tell me that Duke players do not do well in the NBA. I don't care. I am all about what happens when they are at Duke.


I promised stories of H and his pal Christopher Ch@mp@gne, but I don't really have much. I have discovered that when public defenders get together at conferences, they proceed to get drunk every night. That is not really a surprise though. I think that is pretty much how it goes whenever large groups of lawyers get together. One of the other people at the conference is a former Miss Fitness USA. I don't know how H finds out about things like that, but he always does. Hopefully I will be able to dig up some more dirt about the conference tomorrow.


-R- said...

Why does it say this post is from Sunday??? Freaky. I just posted it five minutes ago on MONDAY.

Galoot said...

I grew up 70 miles away from Lexington, Kentucky. I was a high school basketball player at a high school in Kentucky. Therefore, I must bust on you with this...

Take the D and the E off of Duke and you have a real team!

Just kidding!

Were you watching the game in '92 when Laettner took down the Wildcats with "the shot heard 'round the world"? I swear to you, I almost broke my hand, pounding the floor in frustration.

I'm the objective one in my family, seeing the game as the greatest played in NCAA history. My parents and brother are still pissed off at Duke.

I respect them though. You have good taste in hoops.

-R- said...

Galoot: of course I was watching! Best game ever! There were clips of that game in the movie; Pitino looked so young! Although I don't root for Kentucky, I do like Tubby Smith.

Galoot said...

I feel similarly about your coach. Some Duke players I like, some not so much. But I always have respected Coach K.

boozie said...

I did that same assumption thing not too long ago, but it was about a doctor. I can't remember, but I felt like a damn idiot.

Nice comment by the third party, though!

PreppyGirl said...

Wow, that was pretty tame for Galoot. I think he'd like to see Laettner's head on a platter!

Darius said...

Ha! That guy behind you makes up for it!

don't call me MA'AM said...

When people hear that I work as a technology expert, they're always surprised. And I am SOOOOO offended by that! I mean, hotties can be good tech geeks, too, right?!?!

heh heh

Guinness_Girl said...

I HATE that paralegal presumption. I get it all the time!