Sunday, June 04, 2006

TV Guide

I have been watching random tv shows this weekend that I know H would freak out about if he were home. I watched some of The Hills on MTV, but I did not watch Laguna beach or whatever the predecessor show was, so I didn't know who the people were and why I was supposed to care about them. I know there are vapid people in the world, but this show made me sad, and I couldn't watch it. Sometimes I like shows like that, but I couldn't get into it.

I also watched some of Supergroup on VH1. It sucked overall, but there was a good part. Ted Nugent took the other guys in the group to this big sports store, that was basically like Cabella's (if that means anything to you). There was a scene where Sebastian Bach was trying to explain who he was to a 50-year-old mom and her 25-year-old daughter. First, why does Sebastian Bach care if these people know who he is? These women were not hot, so that was not the motivation. Second, how did he know they didn't know who he is? Does he just wander around asking people if they know who he is? Third, the way he explained who he is was hilarious. He asked, "Do you know Skid Row?" They didn't. He asked, "Do you know [song Skid Row is famous for]?" They didn't. (I didn't either, but I know nothing about hair bands.) He sang part of the song. They stared at him blankly. He asked, "Do you watch the Gilmore Girls?" They did. He said excitedly, "I'm on that show! I'm in the band!" He was so excited that they knew Gilmore Girls. It was awesome.

I also watched part of an episode of Friends, just because H basically has a heart attack when that show comes on because he hates it so much, for some reason. And I watched part of a show about Kathy Griffin on Bravo, just because H hates Kathy Griffin.

So I watched a part of a lot of shows. Very exciting. I told you my blog would be boring!


Stories of H and C.C. to come (maybe tomorrow)!


Remember the discussion of cool names, such as Ms. Drinkwine and Mr. Pancake? I found the best name ever: Beamer Weems.


PreppyGirl said...

Beamer Weems. That takes the cake (and the PAN-cake)!

Galoot used to hate Friends before we started dating. He'd make fun of me for watching it and tell me how contrived it was for 6 people to be in the same place at the same time for the whole show... until one fateful night - I somehow persuaded him to watch. He freakin' loved it. I didn't gloat much (heh).

stefanie said...

I can totally see how today Sebastian Bach would be better known for "Gilmore Girls" than for "Skid Row." Although, sadly, I DO remember Skid Row (though only vaguely). Every hair band had one power ballad that there was no avoiding. The trouble 15 years later is remembering which hair band was responsible for which power ballad.

Oh, and the best/worst name I've ever encountered in real life is a guy in college whose last name was Wonderlick. (It may have been spelled "Wonderlich," but it's the same damn thing.) I love the Taylor Pancake name, though.

Long and rambly comment as usual. I'll stop now. ;-)

Stinkypaw said...

Funny, I watch the "Gilmore Girls" and thought he looked familiar, but couldn't tell from where! Thanks, I'll go to bed with a little more knowledge! (Doesn't matter how futil it may be!)

-R- said...

Preppy, ha! I don't think I could ever get H to watch Friends because he starts screaming when he sees it. I am not a big fan though, so it is ok.

Stefanie, Wonderlick... that is not an attractive name. I went to college with a guy whose last name was Butts, which is really not much better but is less graphic.

I am sure I would remember Skid Row's ballad if I heard it, but I don't know which hair band is responsible for which power ballad.