Tuesday, July 11, 2006

American History 101

So you expect me to actually post something that is not related to someone else's wedding? Fine!

Disco Turtle will distract with you its shiny-ness.

We had a lot of fun in DC, but I am going to tell you a little secret. DC is freaking HOT in July. I know - SHOCKING! So on July 4th, we decided to walk from the GWU Metro Station to the Lincoln Memorial, walk past the Vietnam and World War II Memorials, and make our way to the Mall. Approximately 2.39 million other people had the same idea. We were reading the Gettysburg Address, which is on the wall of the Lincoln Memorial, when a family came up near to us, and the dad announced, "Look, kids! It's the Declaration of Independence! Let's take a picture." And then while the dad was taking the picture, H moved kind of behind the dad and said, "Honey, it's the GETTYSBURG ADDRESS! Let's take a picture." Yes, we are rude like that.

What? Because I know the difference between the difference between the Declaration of Independence and the Gettysburg Address, and I realize they were written in different centuries, I think I am smart and snobby enough to like art? Why yes, I do.


Carmen said...

Oh yes, DC is hot now. Sweltering even. Did you get caught in the big storm before the fireworks?

Glad you enjoyed your visit though. Next time, let me know. We'll do lunch!

And disco turtle gave me a much needed smile this morning. He mocks me with his disco-ness!

jonniker said...

Is that a turtle? What in the hay-ull? That's hilarious.

Stinkypaw said...

Don't you just love to be "rude" that way? I love it! Hubby says I have this twisted habit to show to morons how moronic they are... oh well! It's fun! ;-D

-R- said...

Carmen, luckily we were back safe and sound to H's aunt and uncle's place before the storm hit. I will let you know next time we are in the DC area.

Jonniker, I had no idea what it was until someone told me. But it is a turtle. Because it is in Maryland and I think is supposed to represent the U of Maryland terrapins (in the disco era).

Stinkypaw, well we could not let the kids go on thinking this was the Declaration of Independence!

Anonymous said...

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