Sunday, July 09, 2006

It's so easy to write a post when you don't really write anything and you just post pictures of other people's weddings. Continuing on that theme:

The bride, groom, photographer, and mandap

I don't have any pictures of the ceremony because I ended up sitting on the mandap with the bride, groom, and Hindu priest. (It's not that there weren't any other seats; I was asked to sit up there to "assist." I would say that my assistance consisted completely of handing paper towels to the bride and groom when they needed them. But it was really cool because I could see everything the priest was doing, and I got to see the ceremony up close.)

I am sure H would be annoyed if I didn't tell you how he participated in the wedding. The beginning of the wedding was outside, with the groom processing in on a pseudo-elephant (convertible decorated like an elephant) and the bride's family and the bridesmaids going out to meet him. Then a couple of guys picked up the groom on their shoulders, and H (alone) picked up the bride and put her on his shoulder. Considering that H was about a foot taller than almost everyone else at the wedding, he was well suited for the job. While they were in the air, the bride and groom put garlands around each other, and H had to duck to get the bride low enough for the groom to be able to put the garland around her. The families were impressed by H's feats of strength, and during the cocktail hour, they made him cut to the front of the drink line saying, "We better not keep him waiting; we saw what he can do!"

The wedding was fantastic, and I didn't even cry during my speech! It helped that my speech was a co-speech with the other bridesmaids in which we read/performed a series of funny limericks about the bride and groom. (Not to worry; they were appropriate for reading in front of the couple's relatives.) I did cry later when talking to the bride's father because he was talking about knowing me in high school and about my friendship with the bride. He was nice enough to keep talking with me and to pretend like I wasn't freakishly but silently crying, so it all worked out.

Are these entries interesting only to me? I suppose not any more so than my blog usually is.


stefanie said...

Ah! You had the other bridesmaids help with the speech? What a fabulous idea. If I can only get the co-bridesmaids to help me like that for the wedding I'm maid of honor for in September, then I can stop fretting about what the heck I'm going to say myself!!

(In other words, no, this entry wasn't interesting only to you, as it just gave me a useful idea!) ;-)

Sarah said...

It sounds like the wedding was a lot of fun. And how lucky are you to have a massive hulk of a husband who can lift people and bend etc? Seriously!

-R- said...

Stefanie, Actually it was the bride's idea. But it was an EXCELLENT idea. (I would say this even if she didn't read my blog.) Definitely try to rope some other bridesmaids into giving a speech with you!

Sarah, he is my own massive (incredible) hulk all right! =)