Thursday, July 13, 2006

I finally got rid of the weirdo extra bullet point on my Links list in the sidebar! And I added two new blogs! There are more I need to add, but I will have to save that for a later date. Jonniker and Thinking Out Loud, I hope you are not expecting a sudden upswing in traffic. Even H, who is my husband and therefore my loyal reader, does not click on my links to other blogs. Plus, he is basically my only reader. Oh yeah. [Said in the voice from the Ferris Bueller song that goes "chicka-chick-ah"]

Speaking of "chicka-chick-ah," [Oh yes I really did just use that as a transition- you know you are jealous. Bow bow.], H and I went to the graduation party for one of his cousins a few weeks ago. It was a party for both H's cousin and some friend of his from school. The friend, we discovered, was a little bit odd. For her graduation party, to which she invited her family and grandparents, she wore hole-y jeans and a t-shirt that read, "Bow chick a wow wow." I overheard an older gentleman (in his late 60s or 70s) ask her what her shirt meant, and she told him it was a reference to the music played in porn movies.


Stinkypaw said...

Classy, real classy! Talk about dressing up for the occasion!

Sarah said...

That's really just awesome. When you're 18 you pretty much have the balls to do anything.

Sorry I said balls. Twice.

3carnations said...

Oh my gosh. I can in no way relate to her doing/saying that because:

a. I would never wear that shirt

b. If for some reason I woke tomorrow and that were the only shirt in my closet and I was forced to wear it, I would probably wear it inside out

c. If I were for whatever reason unable to turn it inside out, and were forced to wear it with that phrase showing, I would not have known what that phrase meant (until now, thank you).

d. If someone TOLD me what that phrase meant, and then an older gentleman (or heck, pretty much anyone) asked me what it meant, I would be creative and MAKE SOMETHING UP.

What the heck?

stefanie said...

I am continually confused by the ridiculous novelty t-shirts people wear. And I was going to say, "Man, that girl's got class," but I see Stinkypaw already beat me to it.

liz said...

(looking up at the previous comments) Got no readers?

My most embarrassing t-shirt ever I owned when I was 15 and I had to wear it to work every so often. It said "Haagen Daz" on the front and "Cherry Vanilla" on the back. Yeah. Good times.

jonniker said...

Porn movies. T-shirt.

No. Just no.

And you have more than one reader! I'm *always* late because I forget to hit refresh between posts and browsers.

PreppyGirl said...

I think if the girl had said that to me it would be grounds for revoking her graduation gift immediately.

Like school in the summer time...

princess slea said...

I once got a t-shirt in the Keys that said "shut up and dive" because I was kinda into diving then. When I came back to the midwest, that shirt got lots of snickers from the guys at work. I had NO IDEA that "diving" was short for "muff diving" which is fairly obvious what that is short for. Needless to say, I stopped wearing that shirt.

-R- said...

Spaw, Exactly.

Sarah, that is true. When I was 18, I had a totally inappropriate shirt. But I did not wear it to my graduation party. Also, balls.

3carnations, glad I could enlighten you.

Stef, more like Klassy with a K.

Liz, I know. I am a whiner. =)

Jonniker, you're not late. Thanks for reading.

Prep, I didn't get her anything since I had never met her before, but if I had...

Princess, I never would have thought that when I saw the shirt. I think those guys were just pervs!

Y said...

1. I am TOTALLLY a reader, and if I don't comment it's because I'm peering through my reading glasses & whistling through my dentures, "Tsk tsk, these kids today...." - NOT! It's either because I'm in learning mode [the recent wedding! kewl!] or have commenter's block :>

2. I'd wear the boom-chicka-chicka shirt in a heartbeat. Benefits of being over 50: no one cares, and a porn shirt? Could there be a better sight gag?

Yez said...

LOL, I fatfingered my sig. Not officially truncating Yez to "Y" just yet.

schneids said... did she get my tshirt? I was planning on wearing that to a job interview. Dang it.