Wednesday, August 16, 2006

And The Gloves Come Off

Thirteen Things I Hate:

1. Snakes on a Plane. I am sorry, people, but there should be no snakes on my tv screen or on my computer screen EVER. There should be no pictures of snakes in my magazines EVER. There should be ... you get the point.

2. When people flirt with the boss to get special favors.

3. Crazy Baskethead Vincent staying on Project Runway while Alison gets kicked off.

4. Having the bus driver shut the doors and drive off when I am less than 30 feet from the bus. Especially when it is the last bus to Minneapolis from my stop.

5. Getting home from work when it is dark outside.

6. Working out.

7. H's student loans. I hate you, student loans, and I am not afraid to admit it.

8. When someone says something mean and then says, "Can't you take a joke?" or the equivalent. So passive-agressive.

9. Having to take my car in at 7 am tomorrow. I normally wake up at 7. This is going to be bad.

10. Checking my e-mail and having no new messages.

11. This is a controversial one: red wine.

12. More controversy: I hate both Coke AND Pepsi.

13. I will give you a moment to calm down after all that controversy. And now, the final thing I hate is... Jell-o with fruit in it. Or Jell-o with mayonnaise on it. Have you ever heard of that? I had not. And then I took a bit of Jell-o with whipped cream on it at my grandma's house when I was about 12, and I said, "Mom, I think this whipped cream is spoiled," which would not really be that surprising at my grandma's house, and my mom said, "No, that is just mayonnaise." Barf.


Stinkypaw said...

1- I'm soooo with you on the snake thing! Last Sat. kids of friends were "hunting" for living things in the yard, and you should have seen me slowly moving AWAY from the 6 years old olding a little baby snake, "yeah it's really cute...over there!

2- Hate suck ups, of boss or any other forms!

5- Hate to leave or come home in the dark! Hate that time of the year!

9- Having to take my car in, period! At 7 am, despise it!

10- Checking my e-mail for non-existent blog comments! :-(

13- Yuck! Just plain Yuck!!! Mayo on Jell-O? Really? Yuck! I'm sure I'd hate it too! Gag!

Carol said...

I had a yuck experience with pineapple and mayonnaise. I love potato salad and that was not it!

Reminder about the Blog Anniversary Contribution. I changed it to Friday, August 18th for sentimental reasons...

Libragirl said...

I agree. No snakes anywhere. That said. I am sooooo going to see this movie. I can't wait. I love it. I can't even begin to describe my excitement for this movie.

suck ups - never good, unless it's to me and people telling me I'me very pretty. That's always good.

I didn't like Vincent's outfit either, but Alisons bow was just bad. I didn't like Vincent at first, he grew on me, especially watching him slowing meltdown.

I always leave for work in the dark and hate it. Hate coming home in the dark also. Makes it feel like i missed the day.

I don't have student loans. My parents made to much when I went to college (and I went to a community college)
Any Passive Agressive behavior annoys me.
7 am I am already at work.
Hate not having email. That's why I respond to comments in email to people, that way I know they will have at least one and I moderate my comments so I get email before they post (it's sad, but I get happy that I have mail)

3carnations said...

2- Flirting with the boss? Eww.

10- How about checking your blog and having no comments? (or worse yet, not being able to access your own blog. Ugh.)

13- Jello with mayonnaise? Hate to repeat myself here, but, eww.

Lawyerish said...

JELLO. WITH MAYONNAISE. These items do not belong together. That is possibly the grossest thing I have ever heard.

I didn't watch PR last night, but I am saddened by this news! Alison, I love thee.

And even though Andrea was starting to Get It a little better in the Style Icon episode, I still think she and her rosettes should pack up and leave.

schneids said...

jello with mayonnaise??? That is just not right.

I agree with you about the snakes on a plane. I am sick of seeing the promo for that movie.

I hate it when the bus does that to me. Now, i literally walk in front of the bus as i am walking/running to catch it. At least i figure the driver can see me then. I may get run over one of these days though.

That is why i hate winter. I hate it when it is dark all the time.

schneids said...

you hate both coke and pepsi and red wine? S'up with that? You are such a rebel.

Guinness_Girl said...

I think I just threw up a little over the jello & mayo. OMG.

As for red wine, stick with me, kid. You'll see the error of your ways.

stefanie said...

2. People do that?? Ewww.

5. Just wait. October is coming, my friend, and when it does, you'll need to leave by 4:00 to be home before dark. It sucks, I know.

11. I'm with GG. You just need to have someone help you appreciate it. Or not. You know--to each her own. I'm an equal opportunity drinker.

13. Jello with fruit in it is definitely a weird Midwestern thing, but Jello with mayo?? That I have (thankfully) never encountered. Eww.

Beth said...

Am still completely in denial re: Allison.
Loved her, but perhaps she is more mentally capable of dealing with rejection....

princess slea said...

what did heidi say? something like, "there is a fine line between imagination and insanity." (about Vincent)
The producers only keep him around because he's weird.

Christine said...

Just BLECH to Jello with mayo. I didn't know people did such things.

While I have no desire to see the movie, I LOVE that it is called "Snakes on a Plane." The title slays me.

don't call me MA'AM said...

I wish that PR judges would take consistency into account when they are kicking people out. Yes, Alison's was a disaster, but she has done well CONSISTENTLY. Crazy Baskethead Vincent is consistently in the bottom 3.

Red wine=blucky. White wine=yummo.

Jello and mayo? oh, that's sooooo very wrong.

-R- said...

Spaw, I would have freaked the heck out if some kid was holding a snake in my yard.

Carol, you thought pineapples were potatoes? Ew.

Libra, Vincent's craziness annoys me. He is just too bizarre.

3carnations, I think ew is the appropriate comment.

Lawyerish, you were probably too worn out from watching your dance show. =)

Schneids, I have seen people take the walk in front of the bus approach at my stop, but I come to the bus station from the other direction, so it does not work for me. Be careful!

GG, don't worry. I will drink red wine if there are no other choices.

Stefanie and Christine, I think mayo + Jell-o is just my grandma. I hope it is not a thing other people do.

Beth, that is true. When Vincent gets kicked off, I see a bad meltdown.

PD and DCMM, I agree about Vincent.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Nice writimg! Happy Friday!

digital janitor said...

Let me quadruple-echo the Jell-O/Mayo comments. Ick. Sounds like just about the most slippery concoction known to man.

I had a good running-to-catch-the-bus experience yesterday. I saw my bus (#4, Uptown to Hennepin) pull up to my stop yesterday morning when I was still about a half a block away - I decided to try to run for it, but back off if I saw it pull away. Sure enough, I was still about 1/4 block away when it started pulling away, so I slowed to a walk. But then, it re-stopped about 50 feet later - and waited for me to come truckin' on up. Guess I had good bus karma yesterday.

shpprgrl said...

I blogged about my hate list once upon a time. And guess what....snakes were at the top of the list. icky!