Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Have you ever had a blog that you did not especially want people at work to read? And then have a coworker mention a story you wrote on such blog? And then perhaps the contents of your stomach started churning as you silently panicked? But then you realized that you must have just told this coworker the same story you wrote about on your blog, you big panicky freak? Not that this would ever happen to me. Of course not. I am just wondering.

Or have you ever gotten home from work and your husband wanted to show you a picture he got by e-mail? And it was a picture of this hot woman and her dog? And the hot woman is someone he met while he was at a work conference so you have never met her? Did you then get jealous and later, when you noticed that your husband did not close the e-mail program, maybe you read all the e-mail (really only a few messages) that he has exchanged with this hot woman? And were you then pissed because, wait a minute, when did you become a jealous wife who reads her husband's e-mail? So you then confessed this to your husband who laughed because you are being silly? No? Umm... me neither.

Hypothetically, the hot woman probably gave a speech about the dog at the work conference, which is why she would be sending this picture to your husband, and you might know this is not just a weird story your husband concocted to explain the picture because the speech is referenced in the e-mail sent with the picture.

Finally, have you ever wanted to go to Duluth for your anniversary but weren't able to go there? Where would you go now that Duluth is out (and you want to stay within a few hours of the Twin Cities)?


Stinkypaw said...

If all those hypothetically situations were to occur, I'd be most likely hypothetically freaked out, but that's just me! ;-)

I have goose bumps just thinking to s[end a weekend with the in-laws... argh!

Libragirl said...

Hypothetically - Freaking out.

Don't have a husband so can't freak out about that.

Don't have in-laws but I know I wouldn't want to spend an anniversay (especially a first) with them if I did.

Commence hypothetical freak out.

3carnations said...

I saw a hit in statcounter from the city I live in, and that was enough to freak me out until I realized that
a. they stayed on my site for approximately 10 seconds
b. they were referered from someone else's site

The email thing...Hubby doesn't give me much cause to get jealous...But I could see me doing something like that anyway.

I wouldn't want to spend my anniversary with my inlaws. Ironic that we all feel that way, because without our inlaws, we wouldn't even be with our husbands (because they wouldn't exist), therefore we would have no anniversary.

stefanie said...

I am terrified of your first hypothetical situation as well. I had a bit of a similar scare with my boss a while ago. The rest of your scenarios I can't really speak to with any experience.

As for alternate spots in the area, however, you could go the opposite direction and check out Red Wing... You've got the river instead of the lake, but it's nice--lots of little shops and just a cute little town.

Guinness_Girl said...

The work situation...oh man. I totally know the feeling, especially since I work for my in-laws - those same people I call "weird" and "crazy" on a regular basis.

In-laws - GAH. Dude. SUCKS.

Lawyerish said...

Just reading this made my stomach churn. Hypothetically? One would be totally justified in a freakout in all cases.

And because I know you care, my parents went on their honeymoon to Duluth. That is all.

Galoot said...

I added a "hot" girl to my MySpace page last week. I don't know who she is, but I figured it would be fun to have one stranger on my friends list.

Her name is Maya and she likes, "Anything that has to do with drinking, partyn with my girls, watching movies, shopping, going to Canada. . . .."

Totally innocent and totally awesome!

schneids said...

would it also hypothetically freak one out if a friend of theirs sent an email to all your work friends with said blog web address? ;-)

Oh my BPF (big panicy friend)...you make me laugh!

-R- said...

Spaw, thanks for the hypothetical support.

Libra, "Commence hypothetical freak out" cracks me up.

3carnations and stefanie, I am so glad I am not the only one who freaks out. Hypothetically.

GG, they mean well, I just don't want to have dinner with them on my anniversary. Dude, indeed.

Lawyerish, I do care. Our honeymoon was a few hours north of Duluth, in case you care about that.

Galoot, Maya sounds like a great new friend. Who doesn't like partyn?

Schneids, do not forget that I know where you work too...

shpprgrl said...

I once blogged about someone I detest with capital D. (Almost hate.) I had a 'hit' like the other person above, near where that person lived. I thought I was going to have to join the witness protection program. Seriously. It was one of the meanest snarkiest posts ever and could have easily identified that person.

Ok, I promise I'm not stalking you, just behind on my reads this week. :)

I was mean, but it was fun!