Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Dr. Feelgood

H and I have a game where we will sing four-syllable phrases to the tune of a certain Falco song called "Rock Me, Amadeus." So, for example, one of us might sing, "Michael Vartan Michael Vartan. Michael Vartan. Michael Vartan Michael Vartan. Michael Vartan. Michael Vartan Michael Vartan. Oh oh Michael Vartan. Rock me, Michael Vartan."

And then the other one might say, "Will you please shut up with the Michael Vartan???" It is a really fun game. You should definitely try it.


I just asked H what I should write about tonight, and he said, "Write about my love for The Hulk." So I will. H loves the Incredible Hulk. He likes the comic book, and I think he likes the tv show with Lou Ferrigno. We also own the movie, (to which I had to spend several minutes trying to find a link for because it is called Hulk instead of The Incredible Hulk-- darn you, Ang Lee) so I am guessing he likes that too.

H has an Incredible Hulk action figure (do not call it a doll; it is an action figure) in his office. Some of his coworkers tease him about it, but that is ok because he teases them too and because he is about a foot taller than most of his coworkers. So when H was on vacation, one of his coworkers was messing around with the action figure in front of everyone else and snapped its arm off. (Actually, the coworker was an intern - what is up these summer interns!) The coworker felt so bad that he went on e-bay to buy H a new Hulk. But the only one he could find like H's was in the UK and cost $40 + shipping. So he ordered it! H felt kind of bad that this guy had spent all this money on a new Hulk when he really could have just super-glued the arm back on, so we invited him over to play Guitar Hero. Guitar Hero makes everyone feel better!


PreppyGirl said...

The ever lovin' Hulk! If we were ever to meet, I can see our husbands would have no problem geeking out together.

Here are some Hulk related suggestions for future games of Rock Me Amadeus:

Eric Bana, Eric Bana
Lou Ferrigno, Lou Ferrigno
Ugly green guy, Ugly green guy
Doc Bruce Banner, Doc Bruce Banner

Have fun!

schneids said...

you and H are so silly..i love it. W and I do something similar to any song about our dog. Such as "nothing you can do..can take me away from my dog...my dog.". i like the rock me amadeaus song...i will have to try that one.

I am still giggling at the look on the summer interns face when he broke off the arm in front of everyone. Classic.

I am still a guitar hero virgin. Sigh.

Christine said...

The boyfriend is thankfully not into the Hulk. BUT he did want to get guitar hero. And I discouraged it on the basis that he owns two guitars, that he can actually play.

3carnations said...

Hey, -R-, hope you don't mind, but I shamelessly promoted you on misszoot.com. She was looking for recommended blogs. If the extra traffic is a problem...Um, then I guess you'll need to install some traffic signals or something =)

Yez said...

LOL! Speaking of action figures in peril, here's a sneak peek at one of the party pictures I took a couple of weekends ago. (The hoser's parents haven't sent a model release, but his face isn't visible, so nyah :> ) My caption had been "Pool Party Barbie Gone Wrong" (note all the Barbie corpses), but Jef trumped me - his caption is "Hosing Down the Chappaquiddick Reenactment" (Barbie's car is among the casualties)!

Stinkypaw said...

It's funny when we play that type of game, like you, there's "always" one who says the same thing as you... I guess we might be playing the same game! It is fun!


I think it's funny that everytime you wrote about H, I thought of Hulk and now you're writing about his love for the Incredible Hulk... Maybe I was doing that "linkage" because of when you posted some pictures of your place I had noticed the Hulk!

The intern did the right thing. He broke it and since H wasn't there to tell him that it was "OK", he did the respectful thing! He "saved face" for all interns out there messing up! ;-)

Have fun & feel great while becoming a Guitar Hero!

-R- said...

Prep, those are amazing suggestions for future songs. And I think H would love to have a giant friend with whom he could totally geek out.

Schneids, I love your songs. Maybe I will let you borrow GH if you ask really nicely.

Christine, a real guitar is no match for Guitar Hero.

3carnation, thanks! I am glad you enjoy my blog! I love yours too!

Yez, such a cute picture!

Spaw, yes, our office has plenty of pics of the Hulk. H will love to hear that you think the H stands for Hulk!