Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Thursday Lame-Ass Thirteen

1. I wore the cutest new skirt today, and no one at work complimented it.
2. I typically wear about 5 different outfits to work, so you would think my coworkers would be excited that I am actually wearing something new.
3. Maybe they are just not very observant.
4. But they all noticed when I got my hair cut!
5. I was going to try to stretch this into 13 things, but I really do not think that is going to happen.
6. Maybe I can do it?
7. No.
8. H's new plan is for us to both sign up for E-Harmony and then see if we get matched together.
9. It is my opinion that no good can come from this plan.
10. Don't worry. I think he is kidding about the plan.
11. Speaking of plans, remember how I was going to try to eat better?
12. Today I ate a brownie that was approximately the size of my head.
13. The skirt:

Pretend that there are no clothes on the floor and that the way I am standing does not make my foot look deformed. In fact, only look at the skirt. Do not look at anything else in the picture. Especially the shirt that I got on clearance four years ago at Petite Sophisticate. Look only at the skirt! Isn't it cute?

PS Crazy Baskethead Vincent won?! And he kind of deserved it?! Uli's outfit was better, but still. It was Project Runway miracle.


-R- said...

Dang it. That is not a very good picture of the skirt. Trust me. It is cute.

Yez said...

This is New Skirt Week! DD and I hit the sales and I scored two new skirts - they're almost as cute as yours :-)

I admit, my eye did stray from your CUTE NEW SKIRT to admire your Finger Baffle Technique with the flash, avoiding harsh shadows and unsightly, potentially viewer-blinding flares. Quick, lawyerperson, patent it!

Maliavale said...

Hahaha. I love 6 and 7. And the eHarmony thing is hilarious. Weekend project!

Jenny said...

I love the skirt. It's so cute I didn't even notice your club-foot. But I did notice the animal carrier...because that's a sign of greatness in my book. Unless you're using it to trap neighborhood cats to kill them. In which case? Boo.

Also? Uli was robbed.

3carnations said...

Wow, what a cute new skirt! (is that better?)

I work with all men, so I generally don't expect to be complimented on anything. As a matter of fact, sometimes I prefer if they DON'T notice my clothes.

They do notice my haircuts, because I go 8 weeks between haircuts with a short hairstyle. Therefore, I look like a different person after a haircut. They don't compliment it - I said they NOTICE it.

stefanie said...

You're right--it is a bit hard to see the details of the skirt, but I am entirely sure that it is, in fact, very cute. And if I saw you every day, I would have complimented you on it. :-)

Was that eHarmony game inspired by my latest post, by any chance??

princess slea said...

You look so professional.

I think that one win probably saved Vincent's life. In a year or so when he is contemplating suicide he will remember that "is somebody" because he won dammit!
So, the whole Jeffrey and Angela's mother thing?! I think Jeffrey can be a dick but I had to admit that he got screwed getting her as his model. She seemed whiney and depressing. He used a tiny little bit of that blue color as and accent and she was all crying to Tim Gunn about how she didn't like the color.
Plus, the judges reprimanded Robert for giving his model exactly what she wanted and they said HE is the designer.
I'm on Jeffrey's side on this one.

schneids said...

Ha! ...i did not even look at the skirt. I was trying to notice everything else....snooping in your house as much as the picture would let me. ;-) ( does look like a cute skirt).

Eharmony sounds funny. I do not like eharmony though...because they are exclusive to straight people...but funny that Hulk wants to do it. (Yup...i am calling your H the Hulk now).

Guinness_Girl said...

R, I think the skirt looks very cute! Don't worry about colleagues not noticing your outfit. When I worked in a law firm and wore suits daily, I pretty much wore the same 5 suits all the time. I knew things had gotten bad when I showed up at work and a paralegal said, "But, GG, it's Wednesday! You're wearing your Tuesday suit!" Whoops.

The eHarmony plan: hilarious.

Beth said...

Not one good thing can come from the eHarmony idea.

And cute, cute skirt.

And OMG, Vincent! Gah! Gah!

Carmen said...

i think that work people are oblivious. I don't do my hair and look like crap and they say I look cute. I wear ultra cute new clothes, and nothing! grrr.

Janet ( said...

People at work notice when I wear something new, cause normally I wear jeans or jean capris and an Eddie Bauer top. And flip flops. Teva's. But only when it's warm out :-)

Thanks for visiting!

Dane Bramage said...

I guarantee If I wore a new skirt to work everybody would notice. I have such great legs. Okay they're more like tree trunks and they'd notice because I'm a guy. We really need to encourage more males to participate int T13.

My T13 is up at Dane Bramage It is the "Quotes and Epigrams" Edition.

LC said...


I have no idea how I bumped into your blog, but then I lost it and I was freaking out because I had no recollection on how to come back here, so I googled the 'Husband super powers activate!' line and phew.

Here I am.

Keep up the good work, I am apalled that Vincent won, and Jeffrey was on the assy side, but who can blame him, with the whiny mother and him having to be defensive about anything Angela related.

Also, I do not like Laura.

Man, I am a PR junkie.

baggage said...

Loving the skirt. And the eharmony idea cracks me up.

Stinkypaw said...

Cute skirt, good length and all! If you're working with men they usually don't notice and if you're working with women and they don't say anything it's because they are envious! he! he!

I've also thought about doing that but Hubby doesn't want to play along, remember there's always one who says "ok that's enough, shut up already!" when we "play" (or even want to play!)

shpprgrl said...

Cute skirt.

It should be against the law to wear something cute and NOT get a compliment!

don't call me MA'AM said...

VERY cute skirt! Ah, and I am lamenting the non-existence of Petite Sophisticate/Casual Corner. I miss that place SO MUCH. You know where I live... there's no other place to buy nice work clothes. bah.