Sunday, August 06, 2006

Stuff Only I Care About

I am doing some work while awaiting the arrival of our new bedroom furniture. Our current bedroom furniture = bed frame, a shoe sorter that I have been using as a nightstand since my freshman year of college, a wicker chest thingy that we got as a wedding present (it is nice but not something we registered for, most likely it was on sale at ShopKo) that we have been using as a nightstand, and a purple chair my mom gave me in law school. We are keeping the purple chair. I may post some pictures when we get the furniture. Try to hold back some of your excitement!

Our furniture is supposed to arrive between 2:11 and 5:11. Why not between 2 and 5? Or even between 2:10 and 5:10? That is for HOM Furniture to know and for you to not find out.


What else? H and I are embarking on a new healthy eating plan. H has been on his HEP for two or three weeks now. He is being all official and consulting a dietician and eating lots of fruit and vegetables. He has already lost 10 pounds!

My goal is to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks. I am telling you this because I need to be responsible for this and if I am telling you about it, I will be more likely to stick to my plan. I have three weakness which are necessitating my HEP:

1. Free food - I cannot resist it! Typically, I get free lunch once or twice a week at work. There are always free bagels and assorted danishes. And when it is someone's birthday, people go CRAZY. It is very difficult for me to pass up free food, especially when it is good, but that is step one.

2. Caribou Coffee Coolers/ Starbucks Lite Coffee Frappuccinos - So tasty on a hot summer morning! And if I take a summer intern with me and buy them coffee, my company will pay for both my coffee and the intern's. My company is trying to make me fat. Step two is no more coffee coolers or frappuccinos. Except I just got a coupon for a free ANYTHING I WANT at Starbucks, so I can use that, and then that is the end of the coolers.

3. Chinese food - My body REQUIRES that I eat Chinese food. It contains essential elements that my body needs. I think these elements are fat and salt, but that is not the point. Step three is Chinese food no more than once a month.

I bring my lunch and a snack or two every day, so that is not a problem. The only other step to my plan is to start riding my exercise bike again. Since I usually don't get home until 8:30, I am going to try riding in the morning. The odds of this happening are about 1 in 15. But if I don't ride in the morning, I will ride at night.


Sarah said...

I love furniture! Definitely post pictures.

Good luck with the HEP. I am hoping to embark on one of my own after our vacation. We'll see how it goes. I am terrible at sticking to things like that.

Finally, don't you just love our new shoes?!!? We have such good taste.

-R- said...

I just tried to post pictures, but Blogger hates me. So I shall post them tomorrow.

We do have good taste!

3carnations said...

Free food. Who can resist it? Luckily we don't get much of it at work.

I go home for lunch every day, and usually that's a salad. I also usually have 2 snacks at work, usually yogurt and a granola bar. I think the 10PM snack is my downfall. Last night I declined when hubby said "Do you want a snack". Normally I don't refuse snack time...Someyimes I think it's just a matter of remembering "I'm not actualy hungry..."

stefanie said...

Free food is definitely my downfall, too. Luckily it doesn't show up at work all that often outside of the holiday season.

And I can't believe you mentioned Shopko! :-) I worked there for two years during and shortly after college. Not a lot of people outside of WI have ever heard of the place. Even Twin Citians are often unfamiliar with it. (Are you originally a Wisconsin girl as well?)

schneids said...

ooh...good luck on your HEP. And please tell your H great job! That is awesome!

Let me know if i can help in any way with your HEP. I think you can do it!

Free food...that is the downfall of my wife too! (and me...)

jonniker said...

I'm ALLLLLL about the Chinese food. Beef teriyaki! Lo mein!


I'm on a lose-weight thing, too. Argh, I do not think it will be easy.

jonniker said...

I'm ALLLLLL about the Chinese food. Beef teriyaki! Lo mein!


I'm on a lose-weight thing, too. Argh, I do not think it will be easy.

libragirl said...

Hey, who needs a bed. You have room for shoes.

I will not give up Chinese. I have to have it at least once a week or I end up bingeing on it and that's never pretty.

Good luck on your HEP

-R- said...

3carnations, I am bad about the nightly snacks as well. Sounds like you are doing well with it.

Stefanie, there is a ShopKo in where I grew up in Nebraska, and there is also one near the small Minnesota town where H grew up. I didn't realize ShopKo was a Wisconsin thing.

Schneids, thanks! I don't know why law firms try to make us fat, but they do. I am sure it has something to do with increase our stupid billable hours.

Jonniker, now I am thinking about Chinese food. Dang it!

Libragirl, thanks. I am hoping the once a month allowance prevents the binges. We will have to see.