Monday, August 07, 2006

Welcome to My Bedroom

On the show Cribs, there is always the "famous" guy who thinks he is super hot and suave but who really only gets chicks because he has money. When giving the tour of his room, he always says, "This is where the magic happens." And then I want to punch him in the face. Therefore, I will just say, here is our bed.

I have not seen Cribs for several years. Is it even on any more? Add this to the list of reasons why I am old. I don't even know what the kids are watching these days.

From the corner of my room behind the bureau. Please note that we did not paint or texturize (yes, that's a word) the walls, and the texture is much much much more subtle in person. You will just have to visit to see (unless you are a stalker or one of those annoying guys from Cribs).

Here's the bureau. Don't you like the empty frames, furniture receipt, and hammer with which we have decorated? The frames on the left were wedding gifts which will eventually hold wedding pictures if we ever order any. Maybe for our first anniversary (next month).

Finally, on H's giant nightstand (why is our furniture so big? we suck at ordering furniture) you will see this lovely creature. H picked it out at Pier One because he needed a ring holder.


Stinkypaw said...

Nice furniture! Whenever I give a "tour" of our place I used to say "our playground", but I'm also old now, so ... it's just our room... :-(

The empty frames gives your romm a lovy-warmy touch, like a loving newly wedded couple lives there, but they're busy rockin' away.

You know if you'd take a few steps back your furniture wouldn't look so big?! H's ring is humongous - quite a big man you married!

3carnations said...

Nice furniture. Don't feel bad about the empty frames. We do have some wedding pictures in frames, but they were actually taken down to put up some Christmas decorations, and did not make it back on the wall yet. Yeah, "yet" a few months it will be time to decorate for Christmas again. We bought a cute frame at a craft show right after we got married that was wedding themed. We never put any pictures in it. I am seriously considering giving it as a wedding gift...But that seems wrong.

I like the cross over your door. We have celtic cross over our door.

schneids said...

Wow! Nice furniture! I almost made an inapprorpiate comment about showing me your bedroom, but i held back to be nice. Just for today.

I do love the dark wood of the furniture. And the empty wedding frames are a nice touch!

Beth said...

Yes, yes, lovely furniture, but I LOVE your bedspread.

Galoot said...

Very cool indeed! I actually caught a "Cribs" here in Scotland last night. Looked like Macy Gray was showing off her living space.

Libragirl said...

I love the furniture. I always buy big also. My dining room table (if it ever gets delivered) is 96 inches long. I am single, I live alone,why do I need a table that big.

Cribs is on. Now when they walk in a room, they say, "I'm not gonna say this is where the magic happens since everyone says that, I am gonna say, this is where I sleep" Yes I still watch cribs. I love looking at other peoples furniture and stuff I go to open houses to see how people decorate.

And I don't have empty frames, I leave the picture of whoever it comes with in it. It drives my sister crazy. So bonus

-R- said...

Spaw, thanks. I'm glad you appreciate the empty frames!

3c, I think you can give the frame as a gift. No one (but us) would know. Also, the cross was a gift from H's grandmother.

Schneids, when are you coming over to see my house in person?

Beth, thanks. The first part of my new post is for you. Also, I like Partner's blog!

Size15, I can't believe you are commenting from Scotland!!!

Libra, thanks. Your comment cracked me up. "Bonus."