Sunday, September 10, 2006

Baby, It's Cold Outside

So I was on a healthy-eating plan for a while, as you may remember. If eating all the cake that is offered to me at work and not working out at all are part of the healthy-eating plan, then I am definitely still on it. Oops. I have been eating better for the most part, so that is good. I will start being serious about the HEP soon. Maybe.

H, on the other hand, is doing fantastic with his HEP. He has lost so much weight that this afternoon, he was walking from the kitchen to the living room, and he literally walked right out of his pants. I think the neighbors playing basketball across the street really enjoyed it.

We had our BBQ last night, and I think it was moderately successful. Only two of H's friends came, but one left early (as in about 5 minutes after it started). We still managed to have a good turnout though. Unfortunately, Minnesota apparently decided to skip straight to October and it was really chilly outside. Yes, I am discussing the weather because that is how interesting I am. Don't you wish you had been at my BBQ? I made sangria, H made margaritas, and we had lots of beer, so it couldn't have been that bad. Also, one-third of our guests were Nebraskan, so you know we had a good party.


Nat (Marmite Breath) said...

And you know those Nebraskans like to PAR-TAY!!
(Okay, I am not Nebraskan, but I do live in Nebraska, and those folks like to get er' done!)
It's hard to stick to a HEP isn't it? I ate cornbread today and almost died of guilt. I don't want to live that way, but unless I am really strict with myself, I fall off the wagon. I think being thin is overrated though....that's what I'm telling myself. :)

boozie said...

HEP is hard work. I have one cheat day a week wherein I drink 4903 beers and eat an entire chocolate cake. Sticking with this, I have managed to lose weight every week since May 18. Honestly. Okay, maybe I exaggerated on the beers and cake a little.

Oh, did you make deviled eggs?

Guinness_Girl said...

Dude, if I attempted to chronicle everything I ate over the last 4 days, you'd be disgusted. DISGUSTED. Ew. HEP sucks. Plus, it looks like hepatitis abbreviated like that.

3carnations said...

What side dish(es) did you choose? Can you tell I'm all about the food?

People from Nebraska are known for partying, eh? The only person I know from Nebraska is a priest...Maybe he was there...

PreppyGirl said...

Sounds like fun. I'm with ya on the coldness. I believe it was 47 when I walked my daughter to school this morning (and she whined about it the whole way).

I don't know if you made the bean dip but Galoot made us a batch to eat yesterday while watching football. Between the two of us, we ate the whole damn thing. I figure it was sorta healthy as it's made from veggies and all - but the two bags of scoops corn chips is another story.

jes said...

GAH. I think you and I have the same diet.

Christine said...

I can give no advice on the HEP as last night I had a humongous deli sandwich in honor of the open of football season, and almost considered making mac'n'cheese afterwards because after pastrami and corned beef overload I craved carbs...But I thought better of it and made ramen instead.

BUT I would have loved the BBQ. You had the important elements there, and I have never met a Nebraskan!

-R- said...

Nat- Aaaa! Please don't associate the phrase "Get er done" with Nebraska! That is funny that you ate cornbread and felt bad. After I wrote this post, I went and ate some potato chips.

Boozie, you are doing so well with your HEP! I am very impressed. And yes, I made deviled eggs. Sorry.

GG, you were allowed to eat badly because you had a guest to show around town.

3carnations, I made deviled eggs, the dip suggested by Galoot and Preppy, and chocolate cake. I was going to make quesadillas too, but I forgot. Guests brought potato salad, chips, two kinds of pasta salad, and some tomato/basil/cheese arrangement.

Preppy, I made the dip and it was awesome!

Jes, it is not healthy, but it is fun!

Christine, you are missing out by not knowing Nebraskans. I know some people who grew up in Philly and now live in Nebraska, but not vice versa.