Thursday, September 28, 2006

Come and Knock On My Door

(We'll be waiting for you)

1. On Saturday, two young men from the Church of LDS knocked on my door. I talked with them for a few minutes because although I do not want to join their church, they were very nice. I asked them lots of questions about where they have been on their mission so far (Twin Cities only), where they are going on the rest of their mission (all over MN and up to Canada), and where they are from (Georgia and Utah).

2. I think they were kind of scared that I was asking them so many questions. They seemed pretty happy to give me their card and get out of there. Oh well! I was happy to keep the conversation away from any attempt at conversion.

3. Some different Mormon missionaries came to our house in the winter when H was outside shoveling.

4. Well, first they went to the house across the street, and our neighbor lady yelled, "Get away from my house!" at them.

5. Then they came and talked to H and offered to help him finish shoveling our driveway. He declined their offer.

6. Mostly because we only had one shovel at the time.

7. I don't like our neighbor lady, mostly because the woman who used to live in our house told me that the neighbor lady was wonderful and they were good friends, and the woman who used to live in our house was crazy and super snobby.

8. So really, I don't know neighbor lady at all but have decided not to like her.

9. My mom is biased against Jehovah's Witnesses because she claims that when she was growing up, some JWs came to her house and tried to convert them, and as the JWs were driving out of the neighborhood, they hit my mom's dog and then didn't stop.

10. Probably not the best way to try to convert people.

11. One time in college, I came home from class, and my roommate and some guy I had never seen before were hanging out in our living room.

12. When I realized the guy was a door-to-door magazine salesman, I announced, "We're not buying any magazines, so it's time for you to leave." Then I opened the front door and stared at him until he got off the couch and left.

13. My roommate was annoyed that I was rude. I thought it was rude to invite a possible robber and/or murderer into our apartment, but she did not agree. She also wanted to go to an abandoned factory one Saturday night around midnight to see if we could meet some junkees, so she was probably not the best person with whom to reason.


3carnations said...

The post so good you posted it twice!

We have recently adopted a policy of home at no answering the door to strangers. We don't want to buy anything, we aren't going to choose who we vote for based on who knocks on our door, and frankly...It's not a safe idea. We live in a safe neighborhood, a city with pretty low crime, but weirdos can pop up any time. Why open your door to them. I pondered putting up a no solicitors sign, just because they always seem to knock on the door when our son is napping.

Even when I DO know the person...I strongly dislike pop-ins. I don't keep our house neat enough for people to just show up.

-R- said...

FYI, I just deleted the doubled post so this wouldn't show up tiwce. =)

Carmen said...

i think they know better than to knock on my door - i don't even open it for trick or treaters. :) But I'm on the 3rd floor, and the steps are hard to climb, so I think that keeps them away too.

stefanie said...

I have one set of neighbors on my block that I have decided I don't like for no good reason, too. Well, my reason is they're always letting their garbage bins roll out into the alley and piling crap up there so it's hard to drive through. At first, I thought, "I'm sure they're nice enough people and they don't mean to inconvenience me..." but then I said, "Screw it. Not everyone on this block can be nice. I am deciding that these people are jerks."

Yes, I really gave it that progression of thought. None of this is important to your post. I'm just rambling now. I'll stop.

princess slea said...

I invited two LDS "recruiters" in once too. The were wearing these three pc black suits and it was like 90 degrees out. I gave them lemonade and we sat on the porch. I asked them questions about how many wives they planned to have and if they had more than one "mother" growing up.
They evidently were not the kind of mormans that participated in bigamy.

Your roommate wanted to go meet junkees? One of my roommates and I went to Miami and hung out in an area where crack heads were, we shared our wine coolers with them. We bought a bike (pretty sure it was stolen) from one of them for $5.00. DANG! Nineteen year olds can be STOOPID.

PreppyGirl said...

Ya, I'm not sure anyone should join a religion that has to go out and recruit.

I seriously have to be careful about leaving my front door open when my car's in the driveway. More than once I've had to tell the kids to *shush* and run into the back room. I figure avoidance is the best tactic for me.

Lawyerish said...

Adding another item to my list of reasons to love living in a city of apartment buildings... No door to door anything!

The shovel thing is hilarious. They offered to help shovel snow! Like, "There. I helped you. Now come believe in the Book of Mormon."

Galoot said...

I have literally hit the floor when caught in the front room where the main door is.

maliavale said...

Wait ... shoveling your driveway? From ... snow?! What am I missing?

Stinkypaw said...
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Stinkypaw said...

Did the same once to 2 nuns who left me their cards and some info to read, and then a few weeks later they called me! They had managed to find my number and wanted to see if we could meet again. Since then, no door-to-door anything has come in or made it over the treashold. Last week while waiting for pooch to do her things, a JW old man came by started talking to me about the pooch - he was with his grand daughter and once the pooch was done she ran to the door, so I had to go... I must say though, they were nice.

Funky roomate you had!

TheMick said...

I like to invite the LDS boys in then lock the door behind them and close all the blinds. The creepier you are the better, I then invite them to have a seat on the couch, but instead of sitting in a chair across the room I squeeze on to the couch w/ them. The whole goal is to see if they'll leave on their own we you excuse yourself to the restroom or to change into something more, you know relaxing.

Yez said...

The pentacle on my porch protects us from door-to-door religion :-)

3C ("I pondered putting up a no solicitors sign") - I've thought about that too, but I abandoned the idea because I figured it would only keep away British lawyers.

colleen said...

I must be out of the loop. I don't even know what LDS is. At first I thought it said LSD! I'm out in the country. We don't get trick or treaters or Jehovah Witnesses out here.

Jenny said...

Oh my Go, that last one? I almost fell out of my chair.

Nice stuff.

I never answer the door when Victor isn't here. I just walk by the door and wave and yell "I'm deaf!"

Totally works.

-R- said...

First, I would like to say that I can't believe I spelled junkies "junkees" like the Monkees. But anyway...

3car, you know how I feel about the pop-in. HATE.

Carmen, when I lived in an apt, I never had door knockers either.

Stefanie, I totally understand your thought process and am glad I am not the only one who doesn't like neighbors she doesn't know.

Princess, I can't believe you bought a bike from crackheads! You could totally have hung out with my roommate. =)

Prep, I am laughing at the thought of you shushing your kids.

Lawyerish, "You are so nice that I want to be Mormon now too!"

Galoot, while Prep is in the backroom shushing the kids, you are crawling around like an army guy in the living room. Ha!

Maliavale, the shoveling occured last winter. In MN. Yuck.

Spaw, I can't believe the nuns tracked you down like that! You must have been an important potential recruit! Also, I did not know nuns ever went door to door!

themick, at least you are doing this with 19 year old men and not the girls selling girl scout cookies. I hope.

Yez, you never know when British attorneys might come by. Might as well put up the sign. =)

Colleen, I probably would have thought it said LSD too. But it is the Church of Latter Day Saints.

Jenny, ha!

Yez said...

"You never know when British attorneys might come by." LOL - actually, it might be kind of nice. I've never seen a perruque in real life :>